Ruby Ridge – White Washing History (1992) – Eric Gardner RIP (2014)


The bourgeois establishment of the police (and other ‘law enforcement’ agencies), was created historically by the middle class, to protect its wealth, and keep the impoverished working class at a distance. The middle class felt this was required, as it had rapidly generated immense wealth (through the brutal exploitation of the working class) during the Industrial Revolution throughout the 18th and 19th centuries (in the UK). The point of the industrialised working class was to work long hours for low pay, and though ‘surplus value’, generated huge profits (including ‘leisure time’) for their middle class over-lords (who own the means of production). Today, whilst presenting the propaganda that the police enforce the law ‘equally’, in fact exactly the same underlying ideology of protecting the privileged middle class from the working class is upheld. Included in this approach is te concept of ‘imperialism’, where all non-White people (regardless of ‘class’) are automatically treated as ‘potential criminals’ and treated as second class citizens. The bourgeois-serving police are brutal enough toward the White working class, of this there is no doubt, but exactly the same police operate a far greater viciousness and brutality against the non-White working class. Make no mistake, the bourgeois police are trained to perceive the working class as the ‘enemy’, and the middle class as the ‘pay masters’. As the notion of the police began in the UK around 1800, and has since spread across the world in support of the capitalist system. Within non-White countries, the police serve the non-White bourgeoisie over he non-White working class in exactly the same manner. This type of law enforcement prevents working class people ‘taking back’ the wealth that they have earned through collective hard labour, but which has been institutionally ‘stolen’ by the middle class. This status quo of wealth flowing from the workers toward the employers is considered ‘normal’ and ‘peaceful’, and any questioning of this exploitative mode of existence is treated as ‘terrorism’, or ‘disruptive’ of the peace.

In 1992, in the USA, a ‘White’ working class family of Christian far-right, Aryan Brotherhood supporting neo-Nazis (that screeched race-hate and genocide against non-White people), clashed with the US marshalls and the FBI (amongst others), for a minor fire-arms offence. Casualties were suffered on both sides, but the manner in which the US ‘White’ establishment supported this family at the time (the far-right survivors received $3.1 million in compensation), is quite incredible and indicative of the sentimentalizing of ‘White Supremacy’ in the US. These religiously inspired, terroristic racists have had numerous sympathetic books written about them, documentaries  produced giving their point of view, and even feature films that a priori present these White supremacists as ‘victims’ of the State. Undoubtedly, the US law enforcement agencies moved against these people because of their association with extremist associations, but it has been proven time and again that many law enforcement agents in the US adhere to exactly the same extremist ideology, and that this racist view of reality is deployed everyday on the streets of America.

What follows are two videos. The first is a sympathetic film about the happenings on Ruby Ridge in 1992 – with survivors given centre stage and their fascist viewpoints brushed-off as a harmless personal choice:

This second video features Mr Eric Gardner (from 2014), an unarmed African-American man who was committing no crime. Mr Eric Garner was murdered by New York police officer Daniel Pantaleo – a man still employed as a police officer. Officer Daniel Pantaleo illegally stopped, and tried to illegally search Eric Gardner. When Eric Gardner declined to be searched (which was his right), officer Daniel Pantaleo then tried to make an illegal arrest. Officer Daniel Pantaleo applied an illegal choke-hold to Eric Gardner’s neck whilst other officers stood by watching and laughing. The civilian bystander (Ramsey Orta) who took the film, did verbally challenge the police officers behaviour, but after he made the video public, the NYPD persecuted him, and eventually had him imprisoned for daring to confront their corruption. Even the paramedics who attended te scene did not make any attempts to help Eric Gardner – automatically siding with the racist NYPD officers. Despite world-wide protests, officer Daniel Pantaleo was not charged and returned to work. Many of his colleagues celebrated – being members of the rightwing ‘Blue Lives Matter’ protest group. The murder of Eric Gardner is racism and class distinction in action – in other words, exactly the same ideology held by the Weaver family at Ruby Ridge.

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