Zionism is ‘Racism’ (UN Verdict 1975)


Kenyan Jew Denied Access to Israel

Many people get confused with regards to legitimately opposing ‘Zionism’, whilst simultaneously exposing and resisting the broader far-right and its historical policy of ‘anti-Semitism’. Opposing ‘Zionism’ is not ‘anti-Semitic’, but rather a legitimate act  ofanti-racism opposing the fascist policies of the modern State of Israel. In reality, there should be no confusion, as although sharing a common far-right root, there is a clear historical and dialectical difference between ‘Zionism’ and ‘anti-Semitism’. Whereas ‘anti-Semitism’ is probably thousands of years old and denotes an irrational fear and hatred of anyone of the ‘Semite’ ethnicity (which is composed of both Arabs and Jews), ‘Zionism’ dates back only to the late 19th century, and represents an attempt by a certain strata of ‘White’, middle class, secular Jews (living in Germany and elsewhere in Europe), to create a political alliance with the forces of racial ‘White Supremacy’ as advocated not only by the political far-right, but also as practised in reality by many of Europe’s colonial powers. As the Jews responsible for founding ‘Zionism’ did not participate in any practice of Jewish ritual or tradition, and did not attend the synagogue, they were free to contrive a rhetorical distance between their own Jewish heritage and that of the ideology of ‘White Supremacy’, privileging the latter over the former. This development signified the rejection of Jewish Scripture, and the embracing of the ‘Gentile’ ideology of ‘race-hate’.

What this means is that ‘Zionist’ Jews are ‘racist’. Not only are ‘Zionist’ Jews racist, but the Zionist movement itself is necessarily aligned with the forces of far-rightwing ‘anti-Semitism’, as a means to 1) assert secular Jewish ‘White’ racial identity, and 2) rhetorically ‘distance’ White Jews from the ‘Jewish ethnicity’ that the broader political far-right in Europe finds so repugnant. The modern State of Israel, of course, is not built upon the wisdom contained within Jewish Scripture, but is entirely premised upon the strictures of secular (and racially divisive) ‘Zionism’. In other words, the modern State of Israel is a ‘White Supremacist’ State, whose primary victims of ‘Zionist’ inspired racist torture, abuse and murder, are the ‘non-White’ Palestinians. The ‘White’, European ‘Zionist’ Jews who settled in Palestine (and who stole the land from the indigenous Palestinian people), are very much involved in a blatant act of imperial aggression and genocide. However, the racism does not stop there, any ‘non-White’ person is defined by ‘Zionist’ thinking as ‘racially inferior’, and this includes any and all Jews (White or not), who reject ‘Zionism’, the secular premise of the State of Israel, and the continued Israeli violence aimed toward the Palestinians.

The ‘Zionist’ government of Israel routinely imprisons Israeli citizens who refuse military service, or who oppose the abuse of the Palestinians. It is therefore clear that opposition to ‘Zionism’ is a matter of valid ‘anti-racist’ protest, just as it is equally valid to resist ‘anti-Semitism’. There is no contradiction involved in fighting both distinct aspects of ‘White Supremacist’ ideology. Fighting racist ‘Zionism’ is exactly the same as fighting racist ‘anti-Semitism’ as both have their roots firmly within ‘White Supremacist’ thinking. In an attempt to hide its racism, the government of Israel makes half-hearted attempts to welcome ‘non-White’ Jews to Israel, but as can be seen with the appalling treatment of Ethiopian Jews, life for ‘non-White’ people within the racist, Zionist State is just as bad as life in the US, or perhaps the neo-Nazi regime of Western Ukraine. Finally, Trotskyite supposed ‘anti-racist’ protest groups do not include ‘Zionism’ as a form of ‘racism’ – and never protest the murder of Palestinians by Israeli forces. This is because Leon Trotsky – following his exile from the Soviet Union in 1929 – received financial and moral support from a number of Zionist Movements in the USA, that backed and encouraged his one-man rhetorical campaign against the Soviet Union. Perhaps because of his association with Zionism, in 1938, Trotsky called upon all his adherents to support the forces of International Fascism against the USSR (and the capitalist West).

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