North Korea – Latest Missile Test – How the US Fabricates News (29.11.2017)


(Research and Translation By Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

The US Defense Department said that its preliminary assessment showed that the tracked North Korean missile was an intercontinental ballistic missile (this has not been confirmed by the DPRK). The US propaganda statement continued that this particular DPRK missile launch reached the highest altitude to date, and poses a threat to world peace. Analysts (unnamed) said the ballistic missile test showed that New York and Washington, DC are now within range of North Korea’s missiles, but probably the real reason behind President Trump’s vitriol is the fact that this event has caused the highest gold hit at 1298 US dollars. The price of gold only fell after the US Senate Budget Committee approved the tax reform bill.

The view of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPKR) from the (capitalist) West, is dominated by US racist attitudes and anti-Communist sentiment. This essentially ‘Eurocentric’ view is more or less replicated throughout Europe without question, with the only resistance coming from the progressive left, and those Westerners who describe themselves as ‘friends of North Korea’. As usual, the hate-filled rhetoric of the US is the manufacture of a mythological interpretation of the DPRK that has no bearing upon the material reality that is the DPRK. As most Westerners have no access to progressive education, and lack the language skills to read the Chinese Mainland Press, or seek-out DPRK statements (issued in English), their only means of acquiring ‘news’ is from US ‘soundbites’ which are ignorant in nature, and lacking any genuine news coverage. These are the facts as far as is known about the apparent DPRK’s latest missile launch – and the US response to it.

At about 02:23 on the 29th of November (2017), the South Korean propaganda Yonhap News Agency quoted the latest news from the Joint Meeting of South Korean Chiefs of Staff – stating that North Korea had launched one ballistic missile. Subsequently, this news report was contradicted by the Japan Broadcasting Association – which stated North Korea fired ‘three’ missiles instead of one – one of which had fallen into the waters of Japan’s exclusive ‘economic zone’. According to the Yonhap News Agency, North Korea fired a missile which travelled 960 kilometers at a flight altitude of 4,500 kilometers. These two US dominated news agencies in Asia did not agree with one another, and did not quote any valid North Korean source for the ‘news’ reported.

This is an interesting observation, as prior to these anti-DPRK announcements, US ‘experts’ had issued a warning (again without evidence) that North Korea would soon be carrying-out another missile test in ‘a few days’. The implication being that after two and a half months of silence, North Korea was to launch its first round of ballistic missiles for the first time since September 15th (2017). The launch appears to mark North Korea’s first provocation toward the United States (and US-friendly countries in the region) since US President Trump listed the DPRK as a country that supports terrorism. This is a peculiar interpretation to apply to the DPRK – as it is the US that has military bases all round North Korea (and across the world), and which has financed and trained the ISIS Islamo-fascist terrorists operating in the Middle East.

Japan’s Cabinet Office said that North Korea’s missiles were aimed at Japan’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and could therefore be considered an act of aggression. Although the US government confirmed the launch of the missile(s), the exact details of the missile(s) have not yet been determined. According to the Pentagon, the missile(s) come from mobile launchers. The US Pentagon confirmed the North Korea missile launch as occurring at about 1:30 pm EST (02:30 am Beijing time). A spokesman for the South Korean military said on Tuesday that the South Korean military has been ‘closely monitoring’ and ‘tracking the possible provocations of North Korea.’ Neither the US nor South Korean propaganda broadcasts mentioned the US deployment of the provocative ‘THAD’ missile system throughout South Korea – the only purpose of which is to attack North Korea. The Yonhap News Agency quoted the South Korean Joints of Staff (JCS) as stating that the South Korean military will implement ‘precision strike’ missile exercises in response to North Korea’s missile launch. It is worth noting that Japanese officials noted yesterday, that the increase in radioactive data indicates that another missile test may be coming soon (again, without providing any evidence). ‘North Korea may launch missiles in the coming days’, a Japanese government official told local media. This may be the first of several launches, as the US and South Korean militaries are scheduled to provoke the DPRK by holding large-scale military exercises from December 4th to December 8th (2017), which will involve more than 230 Allied aircraft flying over the Korean peninsula during the exercise (and violating DPRK air-space).

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