Debunking Microsoft and D-Wave Quantum Computing (2017)


The following video is very interesting, because it ‘exposes’ the true state of science in the West, with regards to the concept of ‘quantum computing’. The issue here, is that the corporate-controlled scientific community in the West, which spends billions of dollars every year in 5 or 6 figure salaries, glossy magazines and pretentious seminars, actually has no idea about the subject it claims to represent, and has made ‘no’ practical progression toward producing any coherent technology that even vaguely resembles a ‘quantum computer’. What is wrong with ‘theory’ I hear you ask? There is nothing wrong with scientific speculation and theoretical questioning, but Microsoft, D-Wave and Google, etc (all US corporations), are not engaged in scientific ‘theorising’, and are not correctly practising ‘science’ in the public domain. If this is true, what exactly are these private business-interests doing? They are deploying ‘rhetoric’ and deceptively presenting this as ‘science’, when in fact they possess ‘zero’ science in their presentations. This conglomerate of business interests is in reality pursuing a US government policy of attempting to ‘combat’ the rise of advanced and progressive technology emerging out of Communist Chinese science. The US government is terrified that a Socialist organisation of society is proving more effective with regards to producing cutting–edge science, than its class-based, oppressive and elitist capitalist counter-part. The capitalist West is throwing money at its educated elite, in an attempt to find an answer to a scientific question it cannot solve.

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