Capitalist Russia and the October Massacre (1993)


The Soviet Union was destroyed by Mikhail Gorbachev during the middle to late 1980’s. He was in many ways the culmination of the corrosive Trotskyite tendency within the USSR established by Nikita Khrushchev in the 1950’s, from which Communist Russia never recovered. Trotskyism is opposed to Marxist-Leninism, and whilst mimicking various aspects of the rhetoric of Scientific Socialism, its central core ideology evolves around co-operating with the capitalist system, and various aspects of its fascistic thinking. As a consequence, Trotsky dedicated his life to formulating an ideology that could destroy the USSR. The USSR finally collapsed due to mishandling within, and Western pressure from out, between 1989 – 1991. This betrayal of the Soviet people and the Communist Bloc in Eastern Europe would eventually lead to the death of millions due to the sudden withdrawal of Welfare Systems and ‘free’ Medical Systems. In Russia alone, the population unnaturally dropped by 5.9 million people between 1991-1999 – due to starvation and medical neglect. None of this barbarity is reported in the Western press, as it is thought to be a price worth paying, as a means to get rid of one of the world’s major challenges to capitalist tyranny.


In 1993, certain Russian politicians tried to stop the counter-revolution and prevent the complete collapse of the Soviet System – much of which was still functioning despite the ‘official’ dissolving of the USSR at the end of 1991. The US President Bill Clinton, and the British Prime Minister John Major (together with many other European leaders), called for the rapid ‘opening-up’ of all Russian markets, and the end of all Socialist entities, enterprises and provisions. This ‘de-Socialisation’ was to happen over-night, with no interim methods to ease the transition from ‘free’ assistance to ‘private’ services. The Western stooge – Boris Yeltsin – (a drunk who had become the leader of capitalist Russia), was ordered by the West to put a stop to this attempt, and forcibly ‘breakup’ the crowds of tens of thousands of people carrying Red Flags that had spontaneously surrounded the Russian parliament building – demanding the immediate re-establishment of the Soviet System.


The result was a massacre of ordinary Russian citizens who were peacefully exercising their democratic right to protest. This massacre was carried-out by the Russian military which just two years earlier had been a part of the Soviet Red Army. How could these units (whose fore-fathers brought Lenin to power and destroyed Nazi German fascism), turn their guns on the Russian people whilst following orders given by corrupt capitalists? More to the point, why did the Red Army not put up a fight in 1989 to defeat the coup that brought Boris Yeltsin to power? I hear that certain elements of the Red Army did try to resist the Counter-Revolution – but were over-ruled by high-ranking military officers who were already in the pockets of the corrupt politicians. The Red Army in 1989 was following orders – even though those order came from corrupt origins, but in 1993, things were very different. The new regiments of the capitalist Russian forces had the choice to make a stand against capitalist tyranny – but by and large they refused to do so. This is an astonishing decision when it is considered that many of these men had been brought-up in the Soviet System, and had been soldiers in the Socialist Red Army. By siding with Boris Yeltsin’s despicable anti-Socialist regime – these men of the Russian capitalist forces betrayed the 1917 Russian Revolution, betrayed the Russian people, and through their murderous actions of the 3rd and 4th of October, 1993, ultimately betrayed the entirety of humanity and the International Working Class.


If this massacre (that killed and wounded thousands of men, women and children) had happened under the Soviet Regime, the US and European capitalist countries would have made a ‘mythic’ example of these circumstances, and used the outcome in films, books, pamphlets and education courses – to teach about the supposed ‘undemocratic’ and ‘tyrannical’ nature of the Soviet System – but as the ‘massacre’ was in the service of furthering capitalist interests in Russia (by disempowering the Russian people), it is all but ‘ignored’ in the Western media, and not taught in any college or university. Even after President Putin came to power, and re-invigorated the Russian Army to remember and celebrate its ‘Communist’ past, the massacre of October, 1993, is still treated as if it never happened, such is the shame it induces in the collective Russian psyche. innocent Russian men, women and children fighting to defend the achievements of the 1917 Russian Revolution were mowed down by tanks and machine guns that were also previously used to defend exactly the same ‘Revolution’. All this murdering and maiming was in the service of a Western capitalist system that today seeks to invade Russia and depict its people as racially inferior. This is the same Western capitalist system that since President Barack Obama – has openly supported neo-Nazi (and anti-Russian) regimes in the Ukraine and throughout Eastern Europe, with NATO Forces acting aggressively all around the geographical borders of modern Russia.


As matters transpired, tens of thousands of ordinary Russians formed voluntary ‘Red Army’ units (a ‘new’ Immortal Regiment) that deployed around the Russian Parliament building in Moscow, in an attempt to protect the pro-Soviet politicians inside who were trying to prevent the collapse of the USSR. Many Russian citizens carried Red Flags, built barricades in the streets, and armed themselves with all kinds of weaponry (although many fought with their bare-hands). They were confronted initially by para-military police, and then by the Russian armed forces that bombarded the Parliament building and opened fire on the protesting crowds. There are rumours that certain Russian military units intended to support the people, but their officers were arrested and the men dis-armed and imprisoned before they could mobilise. Russian people today take to the streets to commemorate this terrible event – but it is an event that still receives no official recognition – even though the modern Russian military forces now eulogize past military victories against Nazi Germany. What the modern Russian forces did during October, 1993 (in the service of capitalism) was nothing less than an act of brutal fascism and terrorism.


Finally, a word must be mentioned about the elements of the Russian armed forces that did attempt to protect the pro-Soviet politicians in the Parliament building. Their officers ordered that the old Soviet ‘Red Army’ insignia be used to replace the ‘new’ insignia of capitalist Russia on their uniforms, and that Soviet Red Flags be flown. They held-out for two days whilst the building they were in was comprehensively bombarded by Russian tanks and artillery. These ‘Red Army’ troops had no access to reinforcements, medical care or supplies, and it is still unknown how many of these brave soldiers died performing their duty trying to protect the Revolution. The political and socio-economic forces at work in Russia at that time had no respect for the will of the Russian people, and was quite prepared to ‘kill’ in the name of capitalist greed. This demonstrates the ‘seductive’ nature of capitalist greed, and how its brutal nature is all but ignored for the unjust aggrandisement and enriching of a corrupt few. As matters stand, hardly anyone in the West knows about this terrible and murderous event.


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