Cancer: The US Witch-Hunt Against Humanistic Medicine


When I watch this documentary – which is about medical treatment of cancer in the US – I see the government-led persecution of non-profit, non-medicalised and non-AMA regulated cures as essentially being part of the US witch-hunt against any and all forms of Socialism. This is relevant because many innovators of alternative cures are often motivated not by the accumulation of monetary profit, but rather by an innate sense of duty to ‘do no harm’ to humanity, and assist humanity in every way possible either ‘free’ at the point of use, or for a nominal charge. The pharmaceutical industry is a ruthless, capitalist entity that seeks to ‘purchase’ and ‘suppress’ any and all alternative therapies and treatments that lay outside of its control, simply because it cannot make profit from their use. Alternative cures give individuals a choice whereby they do not have to give their hard-earned money to faceless medical corporations that have no real interest in their health or well-being. Although there are frauds and the use of quackery throughout human society is wide-spread, the reality is that dishonesty is the basis of all profit-led medicine. Even if a medicine is given a legal designation, this does not mean that it is the most effective substance to treat a disorder of a disease. In the US – where ill people often have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to partake in longterm, and mostly ineffective treatments – any other remedies that exist outside of the control of the pharmaceutical industry are essentially self-empowering methods that undermine the capitalist domination as exercised by ‘Big Pharma’. In a Socialist society, as there is no search for monetary profit, medicine is provided free of charge at the point of use, and the only profit that is sought, is that of the good health of the nation. If the capitalist imperative is withdrawn from the practice of medicine, then a more broad-minded approach to human illness and curative methods can be developed and exercised. Of course, modern Socialist countries pursue the path of Scientific Socialism – which is the rigorous application of the scientific method throughout every aspect life – as a means to progress society and remove any and all barriers to good and productive physical and psychological health. The Socialist use of progressive science operates a methodology that seeks-out any and all curative means to treat and end disease. In this process, any false or dishonest approaches are identified and removed from general usage (particularly if proven dangerous or counter-productive). However, this is entirely different to how the capitalist system unjustly persecutes alternative methods that work – and thereby fail to assist the people to cope and get better through the use of every possible method available. Finally, perhaps the greatest corruption found within the capitalist system of administering medicine is that of the fact that those people suffering from a treatable disease, are ‘excluded’ from being given the treatment, simply because they cannot afford to ‘pay’ for it. As always, think for yourself and make your own mind-up.

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