Cuba’s Martial Arts Link with China (2015)

Cuban Delegation – With Master Shi (far-left) & Master Wang (far-right)

Original Article & Photographs By: Chen Peishi (陈佩诗)

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

On the morning of May 29th, 2015, Consul General Isabel Perez and Consul Julio – as official representatives of the Consulate of the Republic of Cuba (situated in Guangzhou) – paid a visit to the (Guangdong) Ch’an Martial Study Centre (禅武中心 – Ch’an Wu Zhong Xin), accompanied by Li Rongfu (李荣富) – the President of the Cuban Wushu Association together with one other visitor). This group of four was met by Chief Instructor (Master) Wang Zhenglang (王正浪) and the Deputy Director – the esteemed teacher – Shi Fangyuan (史方园).


Consul General Isabel Perez and the Cuban delegation were very impressed with the Centre and demonstrated the utmost respect and concern for Chinese culture, asking poignant and intelligent questions regarding the teaching of Chinese Ch’an Buddhism, the rules and regulations ascribed to its practice, and how this training of the inner mind relates to the training of the outer body (when practising Chinese martial arts). Whilst being shown around the interior of the Centre, the Cuban delegation took careful note of all the historical information, and listened carefully to every explanation of each point of interest raised.


Of particular interest to the Cuban delegation were the traditional Chinese weapons on display, and the manner in which these weapons are used during traditional Chinese martial arts practice. The Cuban delegation praised the Ch’an Martial Study Centre – and stated that it was important for traditional Chinese martial arts to be preserved and passed-on from one generation to the next.


Mr Li Rongfu further commented that it was very rare to encounter such traditional Chinese meditational and martial teachings, coupled with a deep knowledge of their practice and usage.


This was all expertly explained by Master Wang and Master Shi – and Consul General Isabel Perez stated that on behalf of the Cuban people, she was very impressed with the rich and profound level of traditional cultural preservation in Mainland China – and was particularly impressed with what she had seen at the Ch’an Martial Study Centre.

Master Wang (left) – and Cuba’s Li Rongfu (right)

(Chinese Language Source Article


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