An Atheist God (Email: 5.7.2017)

Dear A
As far as I am aware – Christians meditate all the time! They meditate and contemplate God’s unquestioning love and mercy as shown through the life of Jesus and his disciples (and the saints). Of course, it does depend upon the type of Christian – the C of E for instance, often focuses upon political power and money in much the same way as the Roman Catholics – but my Christian monastic friends are busy trying to empty themselves of ego so as to become a purified vessel to receive God’s grace – which may or may not happen – they tell me! Anyway, the bible seems to say that what is good for man is not good for God – meaning personal sacrifice is on the agenda. I have Christians friends who are atheist because they do not believe in the church definition of a god.  The god they realise is far greater. Every so often I also meet an old Christian abbot who likes to sit with me in the garden and discuss Marx and Buddha. he agrees with both narratives. If that is not a gong-an, I don’t now what is!  One thing is for certain, the rubbish the church spills out to the laity is certainly not worthy of the god they worship, nor the sincerity of those who attend. As I am unburdened by belief, I see through the schemes and scenarios concocted by those who would control us. Although not a Christian in much the same way as I am not a Buddhist – there is a certain something holding everything together. Of course, it could well be the lack of structure.
With Metra
PS: Off to the Ukrainian Embassy later – to give some fascists a kicking!

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