North Korea’s Right to Self-Determination Supported by Communist China (4.7.2017)


According to Western (bourgeois) media sources, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) – also known as ‘North Korea’ – successfully tested a missile that flew 600 miles before downing in the Sea of Japan. Western reports also suggest that Communist China ‘condemned’ this missile test – but according to what can be read on the Chinese language internet, China has always held to the position that it will defend Communist North Korea from any forms of Western aggression. The photographs on this blog entry are dated to the 25th May, 2016, and are from a Chinese language (Xinhua) news article ‘celebrating’ the DPRK’s successful launch of submarine-based ballistic missiles. The DPRK is forced to develop its own weaponry to combat the advanced weaponry of mass destruction that is aimed at it by the United States, and which is provided by the US to the military forces of South Korea. This proves that the DPRK is acting in self-defence to aggression already perpetuated toward it by the US and its allies. In this regard, the Chinese language article continues, the DPRK has every right to defend itself under International Law.  As hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of Chinese men and women gave their lives fighting US aggression in the Korea in the early 1950’s, it is highly unlikely that Communist China would desert the DPRK – which operates as a buffer-zone between Communist China and the capitalist South Korea.






Chinese Language Source Article:


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