My Letter to London Mayor Sadiq Khan – Lower the Price of a TravelCard! (5.7.2017)



Dear London Mayor

Every year the cost of the TravelCard has been rising (prior to your time in Office). It is so costly now, that it means many ordinary people cannot afford to purchase and travel with it across London. This is true in both its ‘Peak’ and ‘Off-Peak’ formats. It would be a simple act to cut the cost of a TravelCard by yourself – an act that would have far-reaching effect deep into the Working Class heartlands of London. The former London Labour Mayor Ken Livingston did this to much popularity and acclaim – whilst the Tory Mayor of London Boris Johnson, set about unleashing the forces of unbridled corporate greed throughout Transport for London  (TFL).  As matters now stand, the cost of the TravelCard is beginning to undermine the principle that the cost of travelling is ‘collectively’ shared by the population of London – thereby bringing down the cost of each journey for every individual involved in travelling though the TFL system. This ‘collective’ approach that underlies the principle of the TravelCard has been the very reason for its success amongst both the rich and poor. As a ‘Labour’ Mayor, I would respectfully request that the well-being of the travelling public be considered, and the price of a TravelCard lowered to undo some of the previous Tory damage inflicted on TFL!

Kind Regards

Adrian Chan-Wyles

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