How Queen Elizabeth II Killed Michael X

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The UK should be proud of Michael X (1933-1975), the Black (British) Revolutionary freedom fighter inherently involved with the Black Liberation Movement. He agitated against the ‘White’ British establishment during the 1960’s, and was personal friends with Yoko Ono and John Lennon (who would later pay for his legal fees). Despite his Revolutionary position exposing White racism, he attracted a substantial White following, and was perceived as public enemy number one by the British establishment. In typical British hypocritical style, Michael X (who was active in and around the Notting Hill area of London), became the first non-White person to be prosecuted under the Race Relations Act in 1967 – where he received a 12 month sentence for advocating the Black community defend itself against White racist attack (particularly the White attack and rape of Black women, the perpetuators of such crimes Michael X quite rightly described as ‘having no souls’). After his amorous involvement with the daughter of a White Tory MP, Michael X had fled back to Trinidad where he was pursued by the British police (and their agents). He was predictably arrested again and charged with the murder of two of his followers (allegations never actually proven), and was sentenced to Death by Hanging. After giving the West Indies independence in the early 1960’s, the British State retained a judicial control of these countries through the ‘Privy Council’ in London, which is headed by Queen Elizabeth II. Although the Death Penalty had been abolished in the UK, the British Queen, however, still possessed the power to sign Death Warrants on behalf of the Privy Council, thus confirming Death Sentences handed-down by Trinidad Courts (the British Queen similarly signed numerous Death Warrants in 1999 – thus authorising a ‘mass hanging’). As a consequence, Michael X – financially and morally supported by John Lennon and Yoko Ono – was taken from his cell on the morning of May 16th, 1975, and hanged in the nearby Execution Room.

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