The Blairite Scrutiny of Labour Party Membership


Despite Jeremy Corbyn’s ascendency, there are still pockets of Blairite-influence and control holding-out in key areas of responsibility in both the Constituency Labour Party (CLP) and the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP). This will probably continue to be the case until Jeremy Corbyn becomes Prime Minister and is empowered to take the required measures to remove this rightwing threat to Labour Socialism. This Blairite-influence has apparently been seen with Corbynite Labour Party candidates standing for marginal seats receiving little or no financial or moral support from the PLP, and just recently with the enhanced and over officious scrutiny of ‘new’ Labour Party Memberships (although this has been going-on ever since Jeremy Corbyn became a ‘live’ contender for Labour Party Leadership). What is happening now, is that Blairite officials are searching through the online identities and internet ‘foot-prints’ of Labour Party Members, to see if there has been any ‘violation’ of Labour Party Membership Rules. As matters stand, this currently includes any criticism of Tony Blair, criticism of the Iraq and Afghan Wars, and criticism of any policy (or lack of) associated with ‘New’ Labour. Another area to watch-out for, is anyone who is a Member of the Communist Party whilst joining the Labour Party – as under Labour Party Rules, the Communist Party (and its Members) remain a ‘proscribed’. The irony here, is that the British Socialist Party helped to establish the Labour Party in its earliest days, but when the BSP changed its name to the ‘Communist Party of Great Britain’ in the early 1920’s, the powers that be in the Labour Party decided to take the position that the CPGB was a ‘separate’ and ‘distinct’ political entity to that of the BSP that it had replaced. As a consequence, the CPGB was not recognised as the ‘BSP’, and its Membership of the Labour Party was not confirmed. The CPGB, as a different political movement (according to Labour Party officials) had to ‘re-apply’ for Associate Membership – an application process that was immediately ‘declined’. Other than a mild dalliance with the CPGB after the Soviet victory over fascism in 1945, the Labour Party has resolutely ‘refused’ to associate itself with the Communist Party, or to allow known ‘Communists’ to be Individual Members. This is how matters stand today, and I doubt this will change – even under the Leadership of Jeremy Corbyn. What all this means is that the Blairite powers that be in the Labour Party are currently ‘cancelling’ Labour Party Memberships as a means to remove support from Jeremy Corbyn, for ‘offences’ ranging from Blair-bashing (more or less a national pastime today), all the way up to being a ‘Communist’! These range of ‘offences’ are currently interpreted as ‘bringing the Labour Party into disrepute’. Of course, this is nothing but a bourgeois sham designed to limit the democratic freedom of expression and the practice of constructive criticism. However, as Britain desperately needs ‘Socialism’, and given that Jeremy Corbyn is the person best-placed to deliver such a policy, it is important to currently ‘box-clever’, bide you time, and follow the path that generates the least ‘resistance’ to Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister.

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