We Are Involved in a Class War! (8.6.2017)


Anyone with an ounce of sense realises that we are involved in a class war. This is not a war of bombs and bullets (at least not on the British Mainland for the most part), although, of course, with ever more rightwing UK governments, armed police and the British Army are seen more today than ever before. No, this is a war of class ‘privilege’ versus class ‘neglect’, of the ‘few’ living lavish lifestyles, whilst the rest suffer terribly as a result, living a life of poverty, poor education, poor housing, poor living conditions, and poor health. Furthermore, this is an ongoing war that has no defined geographical boundaries, and which is not subject to time limits or ceasefires. Once you are born ‘Working Class’, you will remain ‘Working Class’ whether you like it or not, and regardless of whether you are successful in life, and possess all the trappings of an apparent ‘Middle Class’ lifestyle. The point is that the few in society act as parasites over the many, and we have a chance today to reverse this for at least five years, but should the day not go in our favour, this does not mean that we stop fighting, on the contrary, the fight continues after June 8th, as it has done for hundreds of years.

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