A Postcard from Bhutan!


Royal Textile Academy of Bhutan


A martial arts student of mine has trained at Oxford University – gaining a degree and doctorate – so that he can work in the highly specialised area of restoring ancient Buddhist artefacts. He sent me this postcard from Bhutan in March of this year (2017), and it arrived at my house in Sutton, South London at the beginning of June! This is not surprising, as Bhutan is a remote kingdom in the Himalayas that has a restricted interaction with the outside world due to its unique geographical position. Interestingly, many wear kilts, and the king of the country decreed in the past that all his subjects must learn English as well as their own language. The picture on this card is of a ‘denkheb’ – or ‘seat cover’. It is constructed of wool twill, and is an embroidery in several kinds of silk and metallic yarn. The backing is described as a ‘chagsi pangkhep’ fabric, which is hand stitched. The card itself is entitled ‘Thagzo The Textile Weaves of Bhutan’. The card also carries the website address linked above.

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