The View from China and the Impending Defeat of Bourgeois Labour


Mainland Chinese language articles tend to speak politely and respectfully about Jeremy Corbyn (the grey-bearded old man), who is known to be a vegetarian, and care deeply about the well-being of British working class people, but is generally scathing about the bourgeois nature and direction of Labour Party itself. The Labour Party is very much viewed as a supporter of ‘capitalism’ and not a party of revolution, despite the fact that individual members of it have held Communistic and/or Socialistic viewpoints throughout its existence. However, Chinese commentators have also pointed-out that many truly revolutionary Labour Party members have either been ‘expelled’, or permanently side-lined from direct or active interaction with the electorate. As Jeremy Corbyn advocates an old style bourgeois Socialism that seeks to reform, but never to over-throw the capitalist system, his leadership appears doomed to failure, as his message is not getting through to the working class (that refuses to register to vote en mass), and is opposed by big business. The trans-national-corporations (TNC) will not allow an ‘old style’ Socialism to run the UK, because it will mean that their tax-burden will be increased to finance the Welfare System, the NHS, Education, Housing and Social Services, etc, whilst major industries would be ‘nationalised’ (to reduce costs to the general public) thus depriving the private business sector of huge profits. The British working class is notoriously apathetic (an attribute recognised by Karl Marx himself), and refuse to take part in revolutionary politics. The British working class , despite forming the majority of people in the UK, and being on the receiving end of all the suffering caused by Tory ‘Austerity’, refuses to mobilise and will not even participate in voting. The liberal democratic process, the Chinese narratives explain, exists to serve the class interests of the capitalist system, and therefore conspires to continuously disempower the workers. It is as if the British working class will not even ‘resist’ the exploitation imposed upon it. This is the product of hundreds of years of physical and psychological oppression imposed by the bourgeoisie upon the proletariat, to such an efficient extent that the British working class nolonger considers any other reality to be possible. Of course, even if the Tories were voted-out, the Labour Party is not a revolutionary party, and so the capitalist system would continue to function as usual. As matters stand, the polls suggests that the Tories will win the next election and cement their ‘Austerity’ policy as the new ‘norm’ for British capitalism.

Chinese Language References:


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