Palestine: the Hypocrisy of Richard Gere


Richard Gere to Haaretz: Settlements Are an Absurd Provocation, the Occupation Is Indefensible

Once, Richard Gere was cornered by the British comedian ‘Dennis Pennis’ (played by Paul Kaye), with Pennis asking Gere: ‘Do you like ‘Tibet’, or do you think ‘gambling’ is wrong?’ Gere appeared to react as if Dennis Pennis was suffering from learning difficulties, and the film cut as he tried to protect a condescending ‘compassion’ in his direction. Richard Gere is the millionaire ‘Hollywood face’ of the 14th Dalai Lama’s CIA-backed mission to bring-down Communist China with lies and deceit.Richard Gere is a typical privileged ‘White’ man, who, through his excessive wealth, is able to indulge all his middle class fantasies and whims. Despite the world-wide ‘Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement’ (known as ‘BDS’) designed to bring Israel’s behaviour in-line with Internationally accepted standards of behaviour with regard to that country’s fascist (i.e. ‘Zionist’) policies toward the Palestinians, Richard Gere (and his publicity team) chose to break with this anti-Israel demonstration of global contempt, and instead visit Israel anyway, as a means to ‘advertise’ his latest film, but his hypocrisy did not stop there, as Richard Gere gave an interview to the Israeli Newspaper Haaretz within which he presented his co-operation with Israeli commerce, as somehow being a statement of ‘protest’ against Israel’s occupation of Palestinian land. Of course, Richard Gere said absolutely nothing about the founding of modern Israel (an act of White colonial expansion), or its continuous aggressive race-wars (and illegal land-grabbing) against the Palestinian people. This omission is astonishing as Israel’s behaviour is a matter of established historical ‘fact’ and official criticism by the United Nations. Although the list of atrocities committed by Israel’s military machine is long and extensive, its troops routinely murder and maim Palestinian men, women and children, brutalise disabled people, and are accused of rape and child molestation. The oppression against the Palestinians is ongoing, brutal, and relentless, but the following list conveys a sample of Israel’s ongoing and unlawful behaviour. In September 1948, Israeli militants murdered the UN Ambassador to Israel – Folke Bernadotte – no action was taken against Israel. During 1956, Israel recruited a number of Jewish agents in Egypt and authorised a terrorist campaign of bombing against British and US leisure and business targets (the ‘Lavon Affair’) – no action was taken against Israel. In June 1967, the Israeli Airforce deliberately targeted and bombed the USS Liberty – a US naval vessel – no action was taken against Israel. During the terror attacks on New York in 2011, an American woman (who was later interviewed and filmed), reported to police that she could see five Middle Eastern men dancing and cheering around a white van as the planes hit the WTC Buildings. After being arrested, it was reported that these men were Israeli intelligence operatives – who were quietly deported from the US – without facing any criminal charges. Although Richard Gere is merely lining his own pockets by visiting Israel (and defying the BDS action), Communist China routinely criticises the Zionist State of Israel, and continuously states its support for the Palestinian people and an independent Palestinian State. China rejects the CIA’s fabrication of its revolutionary history, and has continuously proven the peaceful nature of Tibet, its religious freedom, and progressive nature of its Socialist development. It is interesting that ‘telling the truth’ is an essential Buddhist precept, and yet Richard Gere continuously lies about Tibet, and never tells the truth about Israel!


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