The Detrimental Health Effects of Falun Gong Practice


Although Falun Gong has been officially ‘banned’ in China since 1999, this does not mean that it is not practised within Mainland China. In fact, as long as adherents do not associate with Li Hongzhi in the US, or his CIA-backed Western Falun Gong organisation, they are left alone. However, it must be stressed that Falun Gong is not popular in China due to its ‘heretical’ departure from genuine Daoist thinking, and its ‘un-Chinese’ nature. As the Falun Gong system is not premised on genuine Daoist teaching and Chinese medical knowledge, it does not have the effect of ensuring good health or providing longevity. In fact, research from both inside and outside of China reveals the alarming truth about the long-term detrimental psychological and physical health effects suffered by Falun Gong practitioners – most of whom die at an early age. Contrary to racially motivated anti-China propaganda emanating from the USA, Falun Gong was never popular amongst ordinary Chinese people, before it was banned in Mainland China. Falun Gong was ‘banned’ for misleading the people and for committing terrorist activities in 1999. This lawful act of the sovereign nation of China, has historically served as the justification for the American CIA to initiate a propaganda offensive against ‘Communist’ China, involving the deliberate generation of lies regarding the alleged ill-treatment and persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. This US-Falun Gong strategy compares the Government of Communist China to that of the murderous regime of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi German, and falsely accuses the Chinese government of all kinds of fallacious persecution of the Falun Gong (organ harvesting being the most atrocious accusation). The American CIA advised the Falun Gong to pursue this line of disinformation when China published evidence of the 14th Dalai Lama’s friendship with the Nazi War Criminal Heinrich Harrer, a personal friend of Hitler who was given immunity from prosecution by the US, as long as he played along with the CIA’s anti-China, Pro-Tibetan policy. Since that revelation, the CIA-Falun Gong has pursued a vigorous anti-China disinformation campaign, attempting to project the despicable crimes of Nazi Germany upon a rapidly developing and modernising Communist China, the achievements of which have surpassed the capitalist West. It is illegal in China for any group (religious or otherwise) to attempt a counter-revolution, bring-down the Communist government and attempt to re-establish the oppressive system of capitalism. Regardless of attempts of US interference in China, the fact remains that the Falun Gong system is a dangerous cult that does not help its misguided practitioners to achieve good health and longevity. The following research presents the most obvious ‘five’ deficiencies associated with Falun Gong practice:

Fact 1.

Falun Gong practitioners have a mortality rate 5% higher than the national average in China. A survey of population death in a county-level city in western Liaoning Province (where Falun Gong has a small number of adherents), states that Falun Gong practitioners suffer a mortality rate of 5% – or twice as high as the local average. This evidence suggests that unlike authentic traditional Daoist practice, Falun Gong techniques do not work. Falun Gong practitioners must take this survey seriously and understand that Falun Gong Dafa does not keep them conventionally fit.

Fact 2.

Between the 1st of July to December the 31st, 2009, a survey was compiled and published by the Kaifeng Network, which analysed the deaths of 172 Falun Gong practitioners from within China, and 18 Falun Gong practitioners living outside of China (making 190 in total). The average age of death for both groups of Falun Gong practitioners was 51.02 years. On the 25th of September, 2013, the Kaifeng Network published more statistics regarding the deaths of Falun Gong practitioners, stating that inside China the average age of death was 50.94 years – whilst outside of China it was 52.44 years. The World Health Organisation states that the average age of death within modern China’s general population is 76 years old. This means that on average, Falun Gong practitioners (from both inside and outside of China), die 25 years earlier than the national average for China. What connects these two groups of people is the false teachings of Falun Gong that actually shorten the lives of its practitioners. This is because the teachings of Falun Gong do not adhere to the strictures of either ancient or modern Chinese medicine, and because of this, the life-expectancy of Falun Gong practitioners is reduced by one-third. All people should be aware of this terrible fact!

Fact 3.

Li Hongzhi has said that Faun Gong Dafa students are different to ordinary people and if young will never age, and if old will get younger. Li Hongzhi further states that he will never die. How true are these bizarre statements? Since 2005, it is known that 30 high-ranking Falun Gong practitioners have died despite Li Hongzhi’s statements about immortality. The ratio has been 64% male and 46% female, with 68% of those deaths occurring under the age of 60 years, and 86% of those deaths being directly caused by illness. In the Falun Gong headquarters in the US – 41% of the upper echelons have already died of illness at a young age, including Xiao Xinli (肖辛力), Li Jiguang (李继光), and Lin Yiming (林逸明). Do not trust in the corrupt Falun Gong teaching about ‘karma’ and ‘good fortune’ as it is all lies.

Fact 4.

Statistics show that up until the 22nd of July, 1999, (prior to Falun Gong being ‘banned’), there were 136 recorded suicides of Falun Gong adherents across China. Four were caused by self-immolation, some jumped from high-buildings, thirty-eight jumped from cliffs, one jumped in-front of a car, some drowned in rivers, twenty-eight people drowned in wells, twenty-five hanged themselves, two died from hunger-strike, twenty-eight people poisoned themselves, some cut their stomachs open, some self-mutilated, and twelve lay on train-tracks. Li Hongzhi – the founder of Falun Gong ordered these deaths as a means to bring-down the Communist government of China, whilst in the service of the USA. As a means to protect the Chinese people from this kind of abuse, the Falun Gong movement was ‘banned’ in China.

Fact 5.

As Li Hongzhi is in the service of the American CIA, and given that he financially exploits his Falun Gong adherents, he and his family have accumulated a vast monetary fortune. According to a US Real Estate Report of the top home owners living in America, Li Hongzhi (and his family) own seventeen houses.  Li Hongzhi personally owns twelve houses, with Li Jiguang owning three, and Li Meige owning two.

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