UKIP’s Hitlerite Lies and the Abolition of the NHS


The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP), is a far-right, neo-Nazi organisation that is attempting to electorally cash-in on the European Union (EU) inspired lurch to the right that demands the dismantling of all nationalised industries and Socialised medical and welfare systems throughout Europe. The EU and UKIP both follow the Hitlerite principle of the normalisation of ‘racism’ across Europe, and are working together to disempower ordinary people whilst turning living standards back to those of the poverty stricken Victorian era for the working class. UKIP has stated time and again that it supports the Tory (and LibDem) privatisation of the NHS, but as a typical neo-Nazi movement seeking popular support amongst the very people it is attacking and disempowering, UKIP also puts out false propaganda (through its social media outlets) that it ‘supports’ the NHS – this is false – UKIP plans to abolish the NHS as a means to eradicate what it considers to be the  racially unfit, the weak and the vulnerable from within British society. Do not fall for for UKIP Hitlerire lies – UKIP supports EU racist and anti-Socialistic policies – whilst ‘pretending’ to oppose the EU! This UKIP duplicity should not be surprising, as it is emulating its hero – Adolf Hitler -who stated that ‘lying’ was a genuine means to gain political power.

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