Chile: Lake Riesco Disappearance (2016)


Until around the end of May, 2016, Lake Riesco was a nearly 6 square-mile body of water that was a major tourist attraction in the beautiful Patagonia region of Chile (South America). The general narrative surrounding this incident is that this substantial body of water ‘disappeared’ over-night, but as I write, I have no way of confirming this detail. What is beyond dispute is that a once large body of water did exist and was called ‘Lake Riesco’, and that around half-way through 2016, this body of water had disappeared. This is how the area looks today:


Despite being the subject of paranormal speculation, this disappearance is in reality an intriguing ecological event that has serious implications for the environment and the survival of life on earth. The water has probably drained away due to somekind of natural fault in the earth, but what is alarming is how such a large body of water could drain-away so quickly, with no warning, and apparently no witnesses. The speed of this event probably excludes water evaporation, or even the highly unlikely event that the water was deliberately drained by people unknown, for purposes unknown. However, if evidence came to light that the disappearance was not quick, but protracted, then other logical theories would come into play. This is not a ‘paranormal’ event, but an as of yet ‘unexplained’ natural event. Given the right data, the human mind can solve any problem.


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