The Rise of Neo-Nazism in Mongolia


Chinese Language Source Article By:

(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

The leader of the neo-Nazi movement in modern Mongolia – Tsagaan Khass – recently explained that in a post-Communist Mongolia, a number of people, free as they are from Marxist-Leninism, are avidly embracing the neo-Nazi ideology of Germany’s Adolf Hitler.  A movement locally known as ‘Dayar Mongol’.  Of course, Tsagaan Khass was quick to add that he does not necessarily agree with the rather ‘extreme’ nature of some of Hitler’s policies, but stated that with regard to the presence of Chinese people in his country, he was prepared to make an exception.  He  added that many Mongolians had a natural ‘distaste’ for Chinese people and Chinese culture – pointing-out that it was Mongolia (under Genghis Khan) that originally subjugated China and influenced that country’s cultural development, and that it was historically inappropriate for the superior culture of Mongolia to become ‘tainted’ by association with an inferior Chinese culture.  Furthermore, Tsagaan Khass explained that culture aside, the most worrying aspect of the Chinese presence in Mongolia was the issue of ‘race-mixing’ and ‘mixed-marriages’ between Mongolian women and Chinese men.  These tendencies have had the effect of watering-down the genetic purity of the Mongolian race, and has led to the neo-Nazis attacking (and occasionally ‘killing’) those Mongolians that commit this kind of ‘sexual crime’.  When asked what his position was on Mongolian men having affairs with Chinese women, Tsagaan Khass replied that it was the right of every Mongolian man to procreate with whomever he wishes – but that this right does not extend to Mongolian women – who must obey the wishes of Mongolian men.  He added that the ‘swastika’ was originally an ‘Asian’ symbol, and that it was not a contradiction for Mongolians to embrace this symbol and its Nazi German ideology.  After the matter of ‘White’ racism against Asians was raised, Tsagaan Khass answered by stating that ‘National Socialism’ works within individual nations for the benefit of the dominant (and purest) race.  White people are racist, he continued, because their countries have been over-run by non-White peoples, their indigenous cultures destroyed, and their racial purity ‘compromised’.  He concluded the interview with a straight-armed salute and reiterated that the extant problem for Mongolians was the eradication of all Chinese influence. As Buddhists shave their heads, there is a natural parallel – he assumed – in Mongolia with the skin-head movement of the West, which we are very proud of.  In reality, neo-Nazis in Mongolia remain a minority that spend their time parodying their Western-counterparts, and terrorising ordinary Mongolians.  We are told that when Western neo-Nazis heard about the Mongolian neo-Nazis – they responded by calling them ‘monkeys’ – so much for neo-Nazi solidarity!







Original Chinese Language Source Text:


 蒙古近年兴起多个新纳粹组织,主要攻击目标是当地的中国人。蒙古今年以来仇视外国人的攻击事件与日俱增,反对者担心新纳粹组织日益复杂,势力悄悄扩大。蒙古新纳粹组织“全蒙古”(Dayar Mongol)威胁要把和中国男子有过性行为的蒙古女性剃光头。“蓝色蒙古”组织领导人3年前谋杀女儿男友被定罪,杀人原因据传只是因为受害者曾在中国求学。

 类似团体“白色纳粹十字”(Tsagaan Khass)共同创始人之一表示,该团体也不茍同纳粹领袖希特勒的极端主义和点燃二次大战战火,但“尊敬希特勒,他教导我们保有民族认同”。


有舆论认为,新纳粹没有获得民众广泛支持,且随着年轻人接触全球化并到海外求学,强硬民族主义已渐式微。蒙古新纳粹组织“白色口十字”(Tsagaan Khass)一名领导人的话说,希特勒是我们尊敬的人,他教会了我们如何保护民族同一性。

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