How Capitalism Destroyed Women’s Rights in the Ukraine

When the USSR was dissolved in 1991, the Socialist Ukraine had a very good standard of living, education, commerce and housing, etc.  During WWII, the Nazi German invasion of the area saw the largest single killings of the holocaust, with Jews, Romany, Communists, the Disabled (and those that resisted Nazism) – rounded up and mass murdered in various ways, through methods involving the bodies being rolled into large pits.  Quite often, whole towns and villages were destroyed if just one Soviet Citizen showed any sign of resistance to the German presence.  As the Ukraine lay on the furthest Eastern border of the USSR, it was an area that was occupied the longest following the Nazi German invasion (from 1941-1944 – before the Soviet Red Army rolled-back the Nazi invaders, on its way to destroying that regime’s headquarters in Berlin, in May 1945).  Remarkably, despite the high standard of living and freedom under the Soviet System, there were a minority of Ukrainians that actively ‘collaborated’ with the Nazi German invaders, and willingly formed special Ukrainian SS Units tasked with carrying-out many of the Nazi atrocities in the area.  When the Nazi German Army was eventually ousted out of the area (as it retreated back to Germany), a number of ethnic German officers remained behind to command the Ukrainian SS Units as guerilla forces harassing the Soviet reserve lines.  From 1945 to 1047, this Nazi German – Ukrainian presence was acknowledged as an ‘insurgency’ in the USSR and dealt with not by the now victorious Red Army, but was eventually destroyed by the specialist troops of the NKVD (later, renamed the ‘KGB’) as described in the work of Alexander Werth.  With the fall of the Soviet System in 1991, and the whole-sale importation of capitalist free market economics, the good Socialist infrastructure built over decades in the Ukraine, was suddenly ripped apart, and replaced with class discrimination, racism. sexism and rampant crime typical of the bourgeois system.  As the USA feared that the suffering Ukrainian people might want to return to a Socialist System, President Obama (and Hilary Clinton) encouraged the over-throw of the moderate and democratically elected government of the Ukraine in 2013, initiating the seizure of political power by a far-right junta that traces its political roots back to those Ukrainian traitors who collaborated with the Nazi German invaders during WWII.  Even before this rightwing seizure of power, however, the rights of Ukrainian women were returned to the stone age, with the development of mass prostitution, pornography and child sex tourism from 1991 onwards.  Under the ‘new’ neo-Nazi regime in the Ukraine, criminal gangs effectively now run the Ukraine, and women’s rights have all but disappeared into the annals of history.

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