Anti-Science Agenda of CCHR International

The Citizens Commission on Human Rights International was founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and US Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz.  The CCHR has no connection with the Human Rights Commission of the United Nations (UN), despite the rather deliberate use of a similar name to garner legitimacy in the minds of ordinary people.  The CCHR is not an official government body, and possesses no political power.  It is a pressure group that is opposed to the establishment of material science in the world, and seeks (through numerous well-made propaganda documentaries) to brain-wash ordinary people into believing that material science is a sinister plot against humanity, concocted by ‘evil’ people, as a means to deny the literal existence and relevancy of the Christian theological viewpoint.  The Church of Scientology, is of course a ‘cult’ that exists to limit the expression of the creativity of the human-mind to its own distorted understanding of Christian theology.  Do not be fooled by the sophisticated ‘anti-establishment’ rhetoric that emerges from this fringe group – as it is pursuing its own agenda of destroying humanistic science by deliberately misrepresenting secular human progression, through a false image of corruption and debauchery.  Of course, as the ideology of Scientific Socialism advocates the development of humanistic science as a means to progress society (as opposed to theology), the CCRH takes an automatic dislike to it, and seeks to misrepresent the history of the former Soviet Union wherever, and whenever it can (albeit in the most unconvincing of manners).

In the following documentary, the CCRH is attempting to achieve the following:

a) Establish a counter-narrative that misrepresents and undermines the developmental history of general (material) scientific understanding in the West. This is considered a prelude within the Church of Scientology to ‘converting’ the susceptible to that cult’s theology.

b) The ‘entry-point’ for this strategy of undermining the entire edifice of material science, is the academic subject of psychiatry.

c) As the CCHR is reliant upon the brain-washing technique of providing fast and continuous ‘facts’ as a means to prevent individual thought and self-determination in the viewer, as the term ‘Psychiatry’ is never properly defined. This is because the CCRH does not want to build understanding, but rather dismantle any such notions that support material science.

d) Psychiatry is generally defined as the ‘study and treatment of mental illness, emotional disturbance, and abnormal behaviour.’

e) The CCHR is pursuing the Christian agenda of the Church of Scientology, and as such is seeking to re-establish the notion of a Christian ‘soul’ (Greek: ‘psyche’) within mainstream Western discourse. To do this it must misrepresent psychiatry as ‘soulless’, or denying a ‘soul’. This is illogical in the sense that the term ‘psychiatry’ is a word of Greek origin meaning ‘psyche’ (soul) and ‘atresia’ meaning ‘healing’ or ‘healer’.  Of course, ‘psyche’ can mean ‘mind’, despite the fact that in the original Greek, it means ‘breath of life’.  The Christian term ‘soul’ is Germanic pagan in origin, and was co-opted by the early Christians as an alternative pronunciation of ‘psyche’ (distorted by Christian theology to refer to a spirit as opposed to matter).

f) The CCHR does not define its terms, and this is a deliberate tactic to sully the waters of understanding. Just as the history of the Christian Church is riddled with a history of deliberate death and destruction (primarily of those who did not believe in ‘Christianity’ – a death toll through Christian persecution numbering around 10 million deaths in the last thousand years), the history of the development of scientific understanding has not been smooth, consistent or even morally palatable. However, whereas the pogroms of Christianity deliberately sought to eradicate any physical rejection of Christianity, most scientists have been motivated by the ambition to progress humanity.

g) The Christian CCHR mentions the Nazi German holocaust quite rightly as a misuse of science, but fails to mention that both fascist Italy and Nazi Germany were supported by the Roman Catholic Church (that is supported by Christian theology).

h) The CCHR mentions racism within Western Science, but fails to mention that the Christian Church fully supported ‘racism’ (the reason Christ is depicted as ‘White’), and was at the fore-front of imperialist expansion, colonialism and slavery. The CCHR Is very careful to divorce the inconvenient history of the racist Christian Church from its anti-science narrative. The CCHR does this because it is attempting to establish a ‘privileged’ position for Christian theology, albeit one of its own concocting.

i) The CCHR ignores the fact that it is the capitalist system that lies at the heart of all racism. The CCHR does not highlight this fact because the CCHR is a capitalist entity seeking to ‘sell’ its produce and merchandise to the gullible.

j) The anti-Soviet section of this video is bizarre. As the CCHR is a capitalist entity, it obviously views Communism and the Soviet Union as a threat to its hegemony. It offers no documentary (Russian) sources for its groundless allegations, but pursues the usual Cold War anti-Sovietism that has no bearing in observable historical facts.  As this video contained Dutch subtitles, for some reason the subtitled dialogues with Russian ‘dissidents’ are ‘blacked-out’ so that an empty subtitle box appears in each scene.  This means the viewer has no way of understanding these ‘dissidents’ when they speak.

k) All the ‘experts’ called for this interview, are either unaware of the CCHR, or have had their interviews for other programmes co-opted without their knowledge. Whatever the case, the CCHR simply takes whatever liberal protest is popular, and runs with it to undermine the power of material science. These popular protests, in and of themselves, are not without merit, but the CCHR is misusing these aspects to pursue its own pro-Christian agenda.  It is important to learn about the limitations of human thought, and I would advise that the activities of the CCHR come under this category, and individuals should be aware of its cult-like agenda.  The problems of material science will be solved by the clear thinking of material science, and not by the pseudo-theology of the Church of Scientology or the nefarious activities of the CCHR:

In the 1970’s, the Church of Scientology launched a highly aggressive infiltration campaign that saw a series of infiltrations and thefts from 136 government agencies, foreign embassies and consulates, as well as private organizations critical of Scientology.  It seems to me that the CCHR is a front for the Scientologists to attack the very academic subject that possesses the power to reveal their cult-like agenda, and prevent innocent people from being recruited and exploited.

Scientology Infiltrated U.S. Government, Foreign Embassies and Private Organizations

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