Identifying Trotskyite Anti-Fascist False Fronts


It is sobering to think that leading up to, and during the Great Patriotic War – Leon Trotsky and his acolytes in the West, never supported the Soviet Union and its people in its desperate life or death struggle against the invading forces of Nazi Germany. The impression evident in Trotsky’s writings is that he would have favoured a Nazi victory over the Soviet Union – surely this attitude may serve as a defining ‘mark’ of the character of this despicable man.  This should not be surprising, as  Leon Trotsky betrayed the Soviet (i.e. Marxist-Leninist) Revolution in Russia, and from 1929 until his death in 1940, spent his life writing a plethora of bourgeois-backed books denigrating Lenin and Stalin.  Trotsky developed a ‘cult of personality’ in the West, where he himself encouraged a religious-like atmosphere around his movement – demanding that he be perceived as a ‘prophet’.  His racist attitudes are well known (particularly with regard to China), and his popularity in the West (but never Russia or China), stemmed from his embracing of capitalism and bourgeois values, whilst maintaining a superficial facade of ‘revolutionary’ action.  Trotsky attracted capitalists who fantasised about revolution, whilst being quite happy to remain living within a capitalist system – this is why Trotskyism has never led to, or inspired any successful revolution in the world.  Today, the Trotskyite attack on Marxist-Leninism (and the history of the Soviet Union) continues unabated.  Part of this capitalist-friendly, pseudo-revolutionary activity evolves around ‘anti-fascism’ – but a point to remember here, is that it was the Marxist-Leninism of the USSR that fought against, and defeated Nazi German fascism during WWII, and not Trotskyism (Trotsky was already dead when Nazi Germany invaded the USSR in 1941).  Like Hitlerism, Trotsky emphasised ‘lying’ as a means to pursue his political agenda.  As Trotsky’s lies were exposed by Stalin, Trotsky was expelled from the Soviet Union.  Trotsky’s lies continue today, particularly in the field of anti-fascism, where many Trotskyite groups ‘hide’ their true identity, and ‘pretend’ to be protesting against capitalist inspired fascism.  The problem with this is the Trotskyites continue to collaborate with the reactionary forces of capitalism, whilst pretending to fight those forces (through anti-racism).  A Trotskyite group can be easily exposed by asking its position on Zionist Israel, and that despicable regime’s continuous murderous Human Rights abuses against the Palestinian people.  A Trotskyite anti-fascist facade will not criticise Zionist Israel in anyway – but instead (falsely) state that Zionist Israel is the ‘victim’ of racism, and never its perpetuater. The same flawed analysis holds for any (non-White) group that has ‘internalised’ White racism,  and which co-operates with the bourgeois system, projecting that racism ‘outward’- perpetuating a racist-like ‘nationalism’ that divides the working class through the perpetuation of ‘hatred’, etc.  Trotskyites conveniently ‘ignore’ any racist tendencies that originate within the bourgeois system, or which co-operates with that system.

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