Carving-Up Soviet History


Bourgeois historians carve-up (and misrepresent) the history of the Soviet Union in much the same manner as the bourgeoisie that carved-up Africa over hundreds of years of imperial conquest.  Whereas African land was stolen and African people subjugated by the bourgeoisie, the intelligentsia of that despicable class have attempted to also destroy the ‘real’ or ‘actual’ history of the Soviet Union, and replace that Communist history with what can only be described as a Judeo-Christian narrative, whereby everything that disagrees with capitalist exploitation, is termed (a priori) ‘evil’.  This process of academic misrepresentation continues today within the general narrative of anti-Russian racism perpetuated by the West, and the US and UK policy of the deliberate ‘Nazification’ of the Ukraine.  Between 1991 (the year of the final collapse of the Soviet Union), and around 2000, (the beginning of mass internet usage), academics in the West churned out books of bourgeois dogma packaged as ‘authoritative’ critiques of Soviet history, with all accepting the underlying reality of capitalism to be absolute, and Socialism to be an aberration.  Many of these books have no Russian language primary sources, but instead copy the ‘myths’ and ‘misinterpretations’ invented by other Western academics hostile to Communism, in an incestuous orgy of self-gratification.  There can be no genuine Russian language sources for this false history, simply because none exist. Western academics have concocted a highly negative and corrosive narrative to explain the USSR, to turn the Western working class from being inspired to take the Revolutionary and over-throw the Bourgeoisie.

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