What has the West Done?


At the moment, the West is insulated from the retaliatory effects of the death and destruction it wreaks upon the other peoples of the world – and their countries.  The study of history demonstrates that everything changes sooner or later, and that nothing stays the same.  The insulation the West currently enjoys, therefore, will eventually come to an end, and all the anger and hatred it has caused throughout the world, will be unleashed upon an unsuspecting, and primarily unprepared Western populace.  The tragedy of this scenario, is that hundreds and thousands, if not millions of ‘innocent’ Western people could perish as the result of the actions of the governments they have voted into office.  Of course, the West has killed millions upon millions of people throughout the world through the use of its military, and deliberately spiteful and atrocious political policies.  Inflicting capitalist extremism upon the world, and wantonly destroying life and limb, only serves to illicit a vicious counter-swing in the end.

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