Rightwing and Anti-Russia Agenda of ‘StopFake.org’



StopFake.org is a fairly obvious rightwing attempt in the West to manufacture support for the ‘Maidan’ neo-Nazi regime currently active in Western Ukraine. It pursues an anti-Russian agenda and is responsible for generating ‘disinformation’ disguised as unmasking ‘fake’ news. It strives to protect neo-Nazi Western Ukraine by attempting to down-play news articles that reveal the fascist nature of this regime, but never addresses the ‘fake’ nature of news article written in the West that ‘deny’ the ‘Maidan’ regime is neo-Nazi. obviously, for ‘StopFake.org’, the apparent ‘revealing’ of fake news is a one-way street, favouring the rightwing over the leftwing. This is a pro neo-Nazi site very much hidden in plain view, which attempts to mislead the public through its self-proclaimed sense of self-righteous morality – as if it has the public interest at heart. Its articles need to be assessed and debunked as rightwing propaganda disguised as mainstream ‘liberal’ commentary, when it is nothing of the kind. Whilst attempting to reduce all Nazi German swastikas flown in Maidan Ukraine to films made in the Ukraine that depict the Nazi German occupation of the USSR during WWII, ‘StopFake.org’ says nothing about these films ‘glorifying’ this terrible event in history, or that many citizens of Maidan Ukraine openly fly Nazi German swastikas or the modern Maidan equivalent. This is because those nefarious individuals behind ‘StopFake.org’ know full well that support for German Nazism in the West is a touchy subject at best, and if the general public truly understood the nature of the neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ regime, protests could bring-down the US and UK governments and cause discontent throughout the EU. StopFake,org, through its actions, wants to protect neo-Nazi ‘Maidan’ Ukraine, but does not want the truth about that fascist regime spreading throughout Europe or the US – as this would undermine diplomatic support, as well as financial and military aid. Of course, ‘StopFake.org’ is absolutely ‘silent’ about the massacres committed by ‘Maidan’ supporters against Ukrainian Socialists. Use critical thought against this website and think clearly for yourselves.

US Fiction: Debunking Soviet Sleep Experiments


After the successful conclusion of WWII, the United States and the UK embarked upon an extensive and intensive anti-Soviet campaign of disinformation that lasted in its original Cold War form up until the collapse of the USSR in 1991, and which continues today in modified form, as Western anti-Russian racism. In this battle for hearts and minds, the capitalist West was determined to undermine the power of Socialism and Communism in the mind’s of its own workers, and to do this, the Soviet System had to be presented as a thoroughly corrupt an demonic regime that promised freedom, but which delivered only despotism and slavery. In effect, this was an exercise in the imaginative re-inventing of the Soviet Union entirely through the dark-side of the Western psyche, and in so doing, imbuing the USSR with every odious attribute usually associated with Hitler’s Nazi Germany. In this mission of misrepresentation, historical facts, along with logic and reason, were not allowed to get in the way, and certainly not allowed to form a ‘barrier’ to this process of system denigration. Once the demonic nature of the US’s former wartime ally was established, then the flood-gates of imagination were opened, guided by the idea that the more ludicrous the allegations, the more effective the anti-Soviet propaganda would be in the minds of the poorly educated US workforce. One such story that has oddly gained more currency after the collapse of the USSR in 1991, is that entitled ‘Soviet Sleep Experiments’. The above photograph is often associated with this story, but I am told that it features US soldiers engaged in testing experimental gas-masks.The two men on the left of the picture are wearing US-style military insignia denoting a ‘corporal’ (two stripes) and a ‘sergeant’ (three stripes). In typical US-style, the echelons point upwards, etc. This (black and white) photograph may be related to WWI, or shortly after, and has nothing to do with the Soviet Union, the Soviet military, or Soviet convicted criminals. Despite the Soviet Records being open for scrutiny, there exists no Russian language files recording any Soviet attempt at sleep experiments, but it does note that in 1964, it was Stanford University in the US that carried sleep-deprivation tests. In fact, both Western and Russian academic sources record that sleep-deprivation tests were carried-out in the West, but that apart from dizziness, memory loss and fatigue, the abhorrent results (allegedly created by the Soviets) did not occur at all. The mythological ‘Soviet Sleep Experiment’ is encapsulated as follows, and it is important to note (as stated in the referenced Russian language sources) that its narrative reads like a Stephen King horror novel. The accompanying photograph is obviously photo-shopped, possibly made-up, and may involve a distorted image of a burns victim, or perhaps a disabled person – whatever the case, it is out of context as is the above image already discussed:


Scientific experiments regarding sleep, and sleep deprivation are well-known and happened exclusively in the capitalist West. Most, it not all of the research is open to public scrutiny, and easily accessible on the internet. As mentioned, Stanford University conducted sleep experiments in 1964. This is associated (in Russian language sources) with the case of Randy Gardner who went without sleep for 11 days. He experienced no undue symptoms other than fatigue, dizziness and occasional memory lose and muddled thinking – but when he finally went to sleep, he slept for 14 straight hours and awoke fully refreshed. Another case involved one Morin Weston of Cambridgeshire in the UK, who in 1977 is recorded as going without sleep for 18 days and 17 hours (far longer than the supposed Soviet sleep experiment). She sat in a rocking chair for the duration, and did not suffer any severe symptoms or side-effects, and certainly did react with any form of self-harm. Whilst Western governments mislead their own citizens about the Soviet Union, Western science confirms that sleep-deprivation in now way creates the horrific conditions that Cold War anti-Soviet propaganda claimed that it did. Of course, a Russian colleague of mine thinks that this story might well be a modern invention designed to denigrate the reputation of contemporary Russia by referring to an alleged corrupt Soviet past. The point is that the imagined Soviet sleep experiments are nothing but an unscientific and ahistorical myth, designed to keep a poorly educated Western workforce in a state of fear and opposition against the very Socialist ideology that would free it from the only real horror – namely that generated by an oppressive capitalist system.



Russian Language Sources:







Flying the Red Flag – An Odd Encounter (London NHS March 4.3.2017)

The Socialist Setting

Myself, my partner Gee, our eldest daughter Mei-An, and our youngest daughter Kai-Lin, arrived at Russell Square Tube Station around 11:50am. We had left Sutton by car at about 10:30am, and caught a Northern Line Tube (North-Bound via Bank) to Kings Cross, where we changed for the Piccadilly Line and travelled one-stop to Russell Square. The tone of the day was set at this point, as thousands upon thousands of good-natured and kind-hearted people began to alight from regular tube trains – and the narrow Victorian Station, with its broken lift and its equally narrow, spiralling staircase – started to fill-up with people getting caught in queues that were not moving, or moving too quickly. Although the sign stated that there were 175 steps, we did not realise just how steep or continuous this was at the time, and started to carry Kai-Lin up the stairs (Mei-An walked, whilst initially Gee held the back of the pram, and a person unknown to us picked-up the front before I could act). About a quarter of the way-up, this kind person (a very helpful woman), handed-over the front of the pram to me. Gee and I then carried the pram another quarter of the way up, before we changed ends (as the exertion was beginning to tell with oxygen-debt and tiring leg muscles). All these issues were amplified by the crowds, and the fact that we had to move quickly due to the extent of people trying to exit the station. As we moved-up the outside of the spiral, every so often we had to manoeuvre around individuals that had to rest at various points on the stair-well to get their breath going-up, whilst trying to avoid people coming-down the stair-case into the station! For some reason this stair-case was serving both as an access and exit route. As we progressed another quarter, Gee asked to rest – but a man we did not know picked-up the front of the pram and helped to carry our daughter up and into daylight –  this is how our protest began! When we were finally in the street, we had to paused for about five minutes to get our breath back – Mei-An – who is only four and three-quarters did an excellent job climbing all these stairs with minimum guidance or support.

The March

People began to gather in Tavistock Square (and the surrounding streets) at around 11am, and probably earlier. The march was supposed to start at 12pm – but as is usual with these kind of things, no one moved until about 1:30pm. In the meantime, we had to unfurl our Red Lenin Flag and stand in the road and wait. We tried to move into Tavistock Square earlier to find other Communists and Socialists, but the sheer weight of crowds prevented this. Our Red Flag remained the only one in the street we were in, and so people started to gather around it, who held suitable leftwing views (after-all, the NHS is a Socialist institution modelled on the healthcare system of the former Soviet Union). As we waited, Gee would breast-feed Kai-Lin whilst standing (covering the upper body with a blanket), and Mei-An – who had very tired legs from the earlier exertions – sat in the push-chair playing on her ipad. An elderly lady came up to us and said ‘long live Vladimir Lenin!’ – and some NHS Staff that knew Gee (who is a NHS Midwife) came to say ‘hello!’). The atmosphere was very good natured, and the police presence was very inconspicuous, although the growing crowd was routinely monitored from the air via police helicopters. Many people used our Red Lenin Flag – which was flying high – as a navigation point in the crowd, advising others to make their way towards it. As matters transpired, the march was so fast moving when it did begin, that we never managed to find the Communist Party of Britain (CPB) Banner – although we did manage to obtain a ‘free’ copy of the Morning Star Newspaper, apparently paid for by Unite the Union – my union as it happens.

Questioning the Flag

As law abiding British citizens, we peacefully exercise our legal, lawful and democratic rights to protest, albeit from our own leftwing position. We believe that this ability to do so, is one of the strongest elements of British cultural identity that has been known (historically) for its tolerance and understanding. We also believe that it marks-out Britain as one of the potentially ‘progressive’ countries in the world. However, these facts do not mean that everything is perfect. The Tory (and LibDem) policy since 2010 of courting neo-Nazism in the Ukraine (and opening the UK to non-EU Ukrainian students that support fascism) has led to our Red Flag being ‘questioned’ during marches by lonesome individuals from Eastern Europe (although once in Croydon, the questioner was of Southern Irish background). The narrative is always the same – as the Ukraine (and other Eastern European countries) – have ‘banned’ the Communist Party and the Red Flag, then why are we in the UK flying it? This is the quintessential paradigm of the intolerance of fascism, and the bedrock of neo-Nazism. This is a contrived rightwing assault on the political freedoms associated with Western European liberalism, orchestrated, I believe, from the United States of America, and avidly embraced by those Eastern European nations that enthusiastically ‘collaborated’ with Nazi Germany and its invasion of the USSR – a disastrous continuation of the Hitlerite holocaust that cost the lives of between 30 – 40 million Soviet deaths. The manner in which I have experienced this form of fascism has involved an individual approaching me on the march and openly questioning ‘why’ I am carrying a Red Flag. Their attitude is insidious and creepy (typical of the brooding hatred that underlies far-right political rhetoric and action), but packaged to appear ‘friendly’ in an attempt to ‘dominate’ and ‘intimidate’ at the point of contact.

Questioner: What is this flag you are carrying?

Answerer (me): British Socialism and Communism.

Q: What makes it British?

A: It is ‘International’ but we are British.

Q: I hope you do not find me aggressive, but I am enquiring.

A: Are you American?

Q: Yes.

A: You are taught to dislike leftwing politics – I can tell this by your odd questions.

Q: Why do you support the leftwing?

A: We all embody differing historical narratives. Britain has a close association with the leftwing, the US does not. People are a product of their upbringing and I like mine.

Q: Why did the UK vote to get out of the EU?

A: The EU is a rightwing, anti-Socialist, anti-worker institute that exists to advance US-style predatory capitalism in Europe.

Q: Why does it do this?

A: To ensure the Eastern European countries bordering Russia embrace neo-Nazism, and reject Russian influence, acting inaccordance with US foreign policy. Making workers migrate en mass to make a living destroys local communities, and eradicates the point of unions. Masses of cheap labour only benefits the bourgeoisie.

Q: That sounds like how the Mexicans flood the US with cheap labour.

A: It’s nothing like it. The US invaded Mexico in the 1840’s – and its West Coast is basically former parts of Mexico that were annexed by the US. When Mexicans cross the fabricated US-Mexican border today, they are in fact entering their own country. Furthermore, as Mexicans are the product of Spanish mixing with indigenous Indian, the US hatred toward them is ‘racially’ based, but as the EU involves ‘White’ Europeans being used to oppress one another, there is no racism involved in opposing it.

Q: Why do you carry the Soviet flag?

A: In WWII the Soviets lost 30-40 million people fighting Nazi Germany – and the UK was an ally of Russia. I had a family member who directly assisted the Soviet war effort.

Q: What about the famine in the USSR caused by Stalin during WWII?

A: Give me the Russian language reference for that allegation.

Q: Stalin considered mass death to be a statistic.

A: Having read the Collected Works of Lenin and Stalin I can find no such quote.

Q: How do you know?

A: I work with Chinese and Russian source language materials.

Q: (Asks me in Russian whether I can ‘speak Russian?)

A: I answer ‘no’ in English.

Q: My family were from the Soviet Union.

A: Really, what part?

Q: What is the NHS?

A: A Socialist healthcare system derived from the Soviet Union and implemented in the UK in 1948 by the Labour Party.

Q: Why did Russia invade the Crimea?

A: When did they do that?

Q: Recently – before that there were no Russians in the Crimea!

A: (Laughing loudly) Are you saying there are no Slavic people in the Crimea?

Q: Is Socialism possible?

A: Why not – we’ve achieved capitalism. I think Socialism is a matter of human evolution and is inevitable in the end.

Q: I do not believe we have achieved capitalism.

A: (Laughing again!) What did you study to get your degree in?

Q: Biochemistry.

A: Then you will know the importance of defining terms and providing reliable references to support your conclusions.

Q: The Soviet system did not work.

A: Are you opposed to the USSR?

Q: No – it nolonger exists

A: OK – see you later!

He approached me using a Western Cold War rhetoric mixed with a current Obama-esque anti-Russian racist attitude – and did not present anything that could be called ‘ethnic’ Russian. In fact, he was unsettled by my insistence of defining terms and providing Russian language references. Towards the end he became agitated and I decided to end the conversation and walk away.

USSR: Dyatlova Pass Incident (1959) and the Triumph of Reason!


Students Consulting Maps

This tragic event probably happened during the night by 2nd of February, 1959, in an area now known as the Dyatlova Pass, situated on the Sverdlovsk region of the Northern Ural mountains.  A group of nine university students (7 men and 2 women) from the Ural State Technical University (UPI) Tourist-Skiing Club – led by Igor Dyatlova – were skiing in the area (aiming to reach the Otorten mountain – 10 kilometres north of the site of the incident), when a disaster struck their camp which led to the deaths of all nine participants. This incident occurred three years after (Trotskyite) Nikita Khrushchev took power in the USSR and controversially ‘denounced’ Joseph Stalin (initiating the Sino-Soviet Split), and two years before the Cuban Missile Crisis. Although life continued to evolve and improve in the post-WWII  USSR for the Soviet people, the capitalist West (led by the United States), pursued its policy of attempting to bring-down all Communist regimes by any means possible. The generally disregardful treatment of the deaths of nine young Soviet citizens in 1959 in the West, is very much part of that undermining process. I reject this bourgeois process, and attempt here to bring respect back to the passing of these nine Soviet students, most of whom were born in the late 1930’s – just prior to the dark-days of WWII, and the brutal Nazi German occupation of their country.


Students at Base-Camp 


Although accidents of this type are not uncommon in the mountainous areas of modern Russia and the former USSR (with similar incidents occurring in 1975 and 2004 which involved 111 deaths), Western researchers, as part of the previous ‘Cold War’ policy of pouring scorn on every happening in the USSR, and the modern anti-Russian racism originating from within the USA, have fixated on this quite routine set of unfortunate events, and projected all kinds of imagined and non-sensical speculation on what may have happened. In reality, there were no UFOs, undeclared nuclear bunkers, or exposure to any ‘secret’ Soviet technology.


Happier Times!

This bizarre body of Western folklore (which is supported by some modern ‘capitalist’ Russian researchers) includes secret KGB experiments (denied by the KGB), secret Soviet nuclear tests (denied by the government of the USSR), the brutal action of over-zealous Soviet border guards (denied by the USSR Border Guards), attack by UFOs, and alien abduction and return, etc, and so on. As Western (bourgeois) researchers are wedded to the capitalist system they serve, the USSR and modern Russia are depicted a priori as being despotic, tyrannical and untruthful. The fact that modern Russia is now ‘capitalist’ makes no difference to the Western powers, which want to colonise Russia and take away its independence.


Bodies of the Students Found After the Thaw

During 1959, it saw the last period of official Soviet governmental support for amateur tourism throughout the wilderness areas of the USSR. Groups of Soviet students were trained and encouraged to venture out into the wilderness to build character and confidence. This developed social responsibility, leadership, group co-ordination and concern for the welfare of others, as well gender equality and an appreciation for the power of nature. This system of outdoor exploration was organised nation-wide by the Sports Committee of the Union of Sports Associations and Organizations (SSSOO), but was gradually phased-out and replaced with more localised activities, because it was decided that the national government could not ensure the over-all safety of the primarily ‘young’ participants that generally operated in an independent manner, free of older adult supervision. In other words, in 1959, expeditions into the Soviet hinterland was very common, and although there was the occasional tragedy (as occur yearly on Western ski-slopes), by and large the teams of exploring Soviet youths gave good accounts of themselves, often surviving to tell tales of prevailing against the odds through the use of logical thought processes.


Soviet Authorities Recovering the Bodies on Dyatlov Pass

Official searching began in March, after it was assumed that something untoward had happened to Igor Dyatlova’s group, and immediately some bodies and equipment were found. In April more bodies were discovered further away from the last known campsite, with the final bodies being discovered with the thaw that had set-in in May. Having recovered all the dead bodies and equipment (which included functioning cameras), the Soviet Authorities tried to piece together the series of events that had led to this tragedy. One of the tents recovered exhibited signs of being cut-open from the inside (which many Western researchers equate with foul-play), when in fact it is commonly observable in tents that have been subject to avalanche – with their occupants trying to find a way out.


Soviet autopsy reports suggest that all nine students died of exposure to very low temperatures, with three suffering broken bones such as fractured ribs, and in one case a broken-skull. These three students had been struck by a great force or weight (such as avalanching snow and/or dropping rocks, etc). All had extensive external wounds to their soft-tissue, much of it caused by exposure to low temperatures and the elements post-mortem, with one body showing evidence of 2nd and 3rd degree burns possibly experienced during and just after the dying process. All had died around 8 hours after their last meal, and there was no evidence of alcohol consumption. On May 28th, 1959 the Medical Examiner B. A. Vozrozhdennyy (Б. А. Возрожденный) was questioned about the injuries found on three of the bodies (found in the river), and the possible duration of life after receiving such injuries. His opinion was that the skull-breakage was odd as there was no corresponding damage to the external (soft-tissue) of the skin and other structures around the skull. He felt that the bone-breakages of the skull and ribs might of have been caused by a very high impact (which caused massive internal damage) such as that found after certain auto-mobile accidents. One other student had a skull-breakage, but had died not of that fracture, but rather of exposure to low temperatures. Many of the bodies (if not all) had extensive soft-tissue damage to the exterior skin area, together with limb and torso damage – but the Russian language Autopsy Report that I have read, makes no mention of one of the women missing her tongue (an assertion common in Western sources). However, B. A. Vozrozhdennyy further stated that some of the students may have been alive (or conscious) from anything from 10 minutes to 3 or 4 hours after the catastrophic events that over-whelmed their group, before succumbing to shock, blood-lose and the cold. However, it was later revealed that  B. A. Vozrozhdennyy had not been in possession of all the surrounding environment facts – together the chronology of events – that had led to the accident, until after he gave his considered verdict. Such information may have led to a re-assessment of the ‘impact’ comments, but whatever the case, the general thrust of the autopsy would not have been effected. Finally, there was no evidence of radiation pollution on any of the bodies in the official medical report. As the students died in unusual circumstances, many were buried in zinc coffins, in an attempt to contain and retain the remains for possible future analysis.


Soviet-Era Monument to the Nine Students – Mikhailovsky cemetery

Official ‘natural’ reasons for this accident include:

  1. Sudden avalanche
  2. Sudden strong and freezing wind.
  3. Localised but sudden and heavy deluge of snow onto the tents.
  4. A combination of the above three reason.

Western sources also speculate an ‘animal attack’.

As the Soviet Union rejected the inverted mind-set of the bourgeois system, such notions of a theistic nature involving ghosts, spirits, ghouls and UFOs, etc, were not even considered as being viable or valid explanations of the Dyatlova Pass Incident during the days of the USSR, although today such explanations are common currency. However following the collapse of the USSR in 1991, and the subsequent sweeping of capitalist market-forces across Russia, the trends of exploitation and monetary gain were re-imported from the West, and all kinds of nonsensical and far-fetched theories about the Dyatlova Pass Incident. These nine brave Soviet students were brought-up within the logical environment of Scientific Socialism. They did not entertain any psychological fear originating from the belief in things that do not exist. They were intrepid and prepared to take on the elements using logic and reason. Soviet society had equipped them with good training and equipment of the highest quality – they wanted for nothing – this is how we know that what happened to them was sudden, violent, unexpected, and out of the ordinary, but not ‘unnatural’. In fact, the forensic investigation of the tent-site and subsequent attempt to leave the area after the disastrous event, clearly suggests that the group was moving in good order, and following logical thought-processes until they were finally over-whelmed (and killed) by natural conditions that they apparently could not have reasonably been expected to predict.

The name of the nine students that died are:

Igor Alekseievich Dyatlova (Group Leader), born January 13, 1936 (aged 23)

Yuri Nikolaievich Doroshenko born January 29, 1938 (aged 21)

Lyudmila Alexandrovna Dubinina born May 12, 1938 (aged 20)

Yuri (Georgiy) Alexeievich Krivonischenko born February 7, 1935 (aged 23)

Alexander Sergeievich Kolevatov born November 16, 1934 (aged 24)

Zinaida Alekseevna Kolmogorova born January 12, 1937 (aged 22)

Rustem Vladimirovich Slobodin born January 11, 1936 (aged 23)

Nicolai Vladimirovich Thibeaux born July 8, 1935 (aged 23)

Semyon (Alexander) born February 2, 1921 (aged 38)

Russian Language References:






How the US Prepared for the Failure of Apollo 11


In 1969, Nixon dominated the White House, and the above instructions were prepared (as a standby) in the event that the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon failed.  Mission failure was defined as losing contact with the US astronauts, or the the obvious (or apparent) death of those astronauts.  (Source: NARA).  It was further stated that any and all recordings of the astronauts calling NASA desperately for help (or sounds of death and destruction) were to be permanently suppressed and never released into the public domain. A similar decision had been taken by the US government when in 1967, three US astronauts died whilst training for Apollo I.  US astronauts were to be portrayed as super-human pioneers not hindered by normal feelings or understandable fears. Of course, this was a myth designed to paint the US capitalist culture as ‘superior’ during that country’s Cold War propaganda offensive against the Communist Soviet Union (a regime the US painted as oppressive, but one which out-performed the US in every aspect of space exploration). The US cares nothing about the evolution of humanity, or indeed space exploration, and indeed only cares about monetary profit and its continuous accumulation.  The US anti-Russian racism is evident from the fact that in the case of the death Soviet Cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov in 1967, the US had no reservation about making the tape public, of Komarov’s last desparate broadcasts, as he hurtled to Earth in the doomed Soyuz I space-craft, due to a failed parachute mechanism. Although US claims that he cursed the space-craft are pure fiction, as he was too professional to have done anything like that.  Instead, in his last moments, he frantically performed all the difficult technical tasks required to properly re-enter Earth’s Orbit, but ultimately was betrayed by a faulty parachute mechanism. Obviously the lives of Soviet cosmonauts are not equal to those of US astronauts.


The Family of Soviet Cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov Mourn

Chinese Language Source Text:


Soviet Union: UVB-76 Radio Station (станция УВБ 76 Русское радио)


UVB-76 is a short-wave radio station broadcasting on the frequency of 4625 kHz, transmitting signals to receivers with the current call-sign ZhUOZ , with the former call-signs being UVB-76 and MDZHB,. Its number classification is ‘S28’, and it is designed to cover Northern and Central Europe – although it can be received all over the world with the correct radio equipment.  Despite its different historical call-signs, many people prefer to refer to this station solely as ‘UVB-76’. Although unproven, it has been assumed to be linked to the Soviet Red Army, and subsequently the modern Russian Military. Conspiracies abound in the West as to its origination and intended function, but I have accessed Russian-language texts about this station, and they clearly state that the following:

‘Purpose – warning station (reserved for communication in case of natural disasters and civil defence) in peacetime currently used as a communication device between military offices.’

‘Назначение — станция оповещения (резервированная для связи в случае Гражданской обороны и катаклизмов), в настоящее мирное время используется в качестве связи военкоматов.’

I shall add two Russian-language references to the bottom of this article, but on the Russian internet there are many more.  In the meantime, I would like to contextualise how the West generally views ‘UVB-76’, and then add more Russian information about its possible function. The Western bourgeois mind-set has been full with false imaginations about Russia. This prejudice, discrimination and racism is not new between Western European countries and Russia, (possibly because Russia was invaded and colonised by the Mongolians at an early part of its history), and this inability to perceive and accept Russian people as equally valid individuals was exasperated by the Russian Revolution of 1917, and the conversion of that society by VI Lenin, from a state of backward feudalism (and fledgling capitalism), into a Socialist State.  As the West was controlled by capitalism, the powers that be generated an antipathy toward what became known (since late 1922) as the ‘Soviet Union’ to a height of aggressive intensity, the likes of which had never been known in the recorded history of the two cultural groupings.  Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the capitalist West has not reconciled with capitalist Russia, but under guidance of the first African-American President of the United States – Barak Obama – has embarked upon a vicious campaign of manufacturing, arming, financing and politically supporting an upsurge in neo-Nazism in the Eastern European countries that border western Russia. A symptom of this policy has seen the unquestioning Western media blaming Russia for aggression in the area, whilst Ukrainian neo-Nazis tear-down statues of Lenin, and build tributes to Adolf Hitler in their place.


Through all of the turmoil the collapse of the Soviet Union has meant for the Russian people, there has been a Soviet-era radio station broadcasting a signal from the territory of the military town of Povarovo (56 ° 4’58 “p. M., 37 ° 5’22” at. E.). This is located approximately halfway between Zelenograd and Solnechnogorsk, and lies 40 km north-west of Moscow (see above map). However, the location and call-sign remained unknown until the first voice transmission in 1997.  The station usually broadcasts 24 hours a day, and emits a high-pitch monotonous sound consisting of various types of short beeps – although the type of beep does appear to remain stable for years at a time. Without any apparent rhyme or reason, and with no prior warning, the bleeps suddenly stop and are replaced with a short message (usually read twice) by a male (but sometimes a female) voice.  For example, the message broadcast in late December, 1997 reads:

‘I UVB-76, UVB-76 i. Broman 180 08 74 27 99 14

Boris, Roman, Olga, Michael, Anna, Larissa. 7 4 2 7 9 9 1 4′

Although the amplitude and pitch shifts at times, and the intervals between the signals often vary slightly, the station emits a continuous ‘buzzer-type’ or ‘hummer’ sound. This station has attracted much interest from around the world, and it has not gone without notice, that the ‘hummer’ sound possesses a soothing, and constant sounding monotone effect, rather like a metronome, with the power to relax the recipient.  Was this ability to induce a relaxed brain-pattern and physical body, part of an early Soviet experiment with radio-waves?  Could UVB-76 be a device to aid the populace of the world to embrace selfless endeavour and abandon the greed of capitalism?  Is there a Soviet underground operating in modern Russia that is so technologically powerful and advanced, that the capitalists that run modern Russia do not confront or combat its existence?  Whatever the case, the ‘official’ government of Russia denies all knowledge of UVB-76, despite the fact that the signal has been tracked to the Moscow vicinity. It is odd that a covert ‘Soviet’ radio station could be allowed to operate with impunity within what might be construed as an ‘aggressive’ capitalist State (opposed to Communism).  Whatever the case, on June 5th, 2010, and without any warning, the ‘buzzer’ stopped completely and the station broadcast empty noise.  However, the next day the ‘buzzer’ started again (with this break in transmission being linked to a change of location),  in August transmission stopped and started a number of times, but the pattern soon resumed, although at 10:15 hrs on August 25th, the ‘buzzer’ stopped and there was the clear sound of what sounded like individuals moving around the room – perhaps trying to repair a technical problem or fault in the machinery.  Then in early September, there was heard the Dance of the Little Swans – Classical music taken from Tchaikovsky’s ballet ‘Swan Lake’.  On September 7th, a male voice announced a new call-sign for the station – MDZHB – apparently premised upon the names ‘Mikhail’, ‘Dmitri’, ‘Zhenya’ and ‘Boris’.  (The earlier call-sign of ‘UVB-76’ is often said to be a misreading ‘UZB-76’ prior to 2010).  On December 28th, 2015, a new voiced message announced the new call-sign of ‘ZhUOZ’ – mirroring the names of ‘Zhenya’, ‘Ulyana’, ‘Olga’ and ‘Zinaida’.  Although Western accounts talk of a ‘woman screaming’ in the background of a  UVB-76 transmission (uploaded onto Youtube dated 28th, Dec 2012), I cannot find any verification of this incident recorded in Russian-language sources, and assume this story to be a Western anti-Russian fabrication.  It is interesting to note that the English-language Wikipage omits important information included on the Russian-language Wikipage -suggesting the US Wiki-site has deliberately pursued a policy of withholding genuine knowledge that is readily available and well-known (the apparent purpose of Wikipedia) it would undermine or render ridiculous many Western conspiracy theories that evolve around the fallacious concept of an ‘evil’ Russia trying to take-over the world!  My own theory is that UVB-76 has multiple purposes, one of which was designed by the advanced Soviet scientists to broadcast a subliminal message world-wide, as part of a concerted technological process to undermine the psychological adherence to capitalism, and that all those capitalists who currently (and regularly) listen to it then and now, are slowly experiencing the eradication of the ‘inverted’ mind-set that underlies (and justifies) all bourgeois corruption and greed. In-short, UVB-76 could well have been designed as a means to achieve world-wide Socialist Revolution without the need for armed conflict.


Russian Language Sources:



UVB-76 Webpage (English)

Carving-Up Soviet History


Bourgeois historians carve-up (and misrepresent) the history of the Soviet Union in much the same manner as the bourgeoisie that carved-up Africa over hundreds of years of imperial conquest.  Whereas African land was stolen and African people subjugated by the bourgeoisie, the intelligentsia of that despicable class have attempted to also destroy the ‘real’ or ‘actual’ history of the Soviet Union, and replace that Communist history with what can only be described as a Judeo-Christian narrative, whereby everything that disagrees with capitalist exploitation, is termed (a priori) ‘evil’.  This process of academic misrepresentation continues today within the general narrative of anti-Russian racism perpetuated by the West, and the US and UK policy of the deliberate ‘Nazification’ of the Ukraine.  Between 1991 (the year of the final collapse of the Soviet Union), and around 2000, (the beginning of mass internet usage), academics in the West churned out books of bourgeois dogma packaged as ‘authoritative’ critiques of Soviet history, with all accepting the underlying reality of capitalism to be absolute, and Socialism to be an aberration.  Many of these books have no Russian language primary sources, but instead copy the ‘myths’ and ‘misinterpretations’ invented by other Western academics hostile to Communism, in an incestuous orgy of self-gratification.  There can be no genuine Russian language sources for this false history, simply because none exist. Western academics have concocted a highly negative and corrosive narrative to explain the USSR, to turn the Western working class from being inspired to take the Revolutionary and over-throw the Bourgeoisie.

Michael Moore in Dreamland


In the movie ‘Team America’, Michael Moore is described as a fat ‘Socialist’, but in reality he is nothing of the kind.  His body image is of no concern to me, but his centre left bourgeois liberal politics certainly are.  America is a peculiar place because it is thoroughly capitalist, with a political and legal system designed to prevent the natural growth of Socialism out of the mire of cruelty, sexism, racism, warmongering and system-wide exploitation of the ordinary people, by a ruthless ruling elite.  There is nothing remotely ‘Socialistic’ or ‘Communistic’ about the USA, and that is just the way the establishment wants to keep things. Yesterday, the British TV station Channel 4 aired the US documentary entitled ‘Michael Moore in Trumpland’.  This piece of self-indulgent propaganda, evolved around Michael Moore presenting a chat-show type programme, where he sang the praises of Hilary Clinton, and attempted to make this privileged ‘White’ middle class woman seem like a victim of the very system that spawned her, and the very system she represents and supports.  Even taking into account US hyper-boil, bias and disinformation, it is obvious for all to see that the only difference between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, is that Trump is honest about is rightwing politics and his racism. Like a classic episode of ‘Oprah’, Michael Moore attempted to manipulate a typical US audience of poorly informed, partially educated, and politically biased American citizens, and in so doing, attempted to extend that manipulation through the cinema and TV stations.

Michael Moore, like all Americans who feel safe to express vague leftwing views, is a multimillionaire, and the irony has not been lost on the fact that he generated this immense wealth through documentaries criticising capitalism.  Only the rich and privileged (exactly the people who do not need it), can safely express apparent leftwing views, because they possess the wealth to legally defend themselves from a highly aggressive and vindictive legal and political system, default set to perpetuate and serve predatory capitalism.  Michael Moore falls into this privileged category, and because of the arrogance implicit in White America, he feels that what he has to say is more important than anyone else.  Hilary Clinton is by no stretch of the imagination a ‘Socialist’, but is rather a Zionist supporting, rightwing, warmongering supporter of capitalism.  She is no different to her corrupt husband (who once had a mentally disabled man put to death, and commissioned an anti-Communist statue).  Moore relates how Hilary visited Estonia in the 1990’s just after the collapse of Soviet Communism, because at the time Estonia still possessed a fully universal healthcare system (left-over from its Communist days), and yet made no mention that the current Democratic government – under a Black President no less – has initiated, financed and armed a region-wide resurgence of neo-Nazism in the area that has infiltrated not only Estonia, but Latvia, Lithuania, and the Ukraine, premised upon a US generated, and rabid anti-Russian racism.  This is the face of the true Democratic Party that once supported the racist activity of ‘lynching’ in years gone by.

One final effort to manipulate his audience to view Hilary Clinton as a angelic and Christ-like figure, Michael Moore revealed is truly bourgeois and non-Socialistic take on affairs by stating that the UK made a mistake by voting ‘out’ of the EU, and that (bizarrely) US voters shouldn’t make the same mistake by ‘not’ voting for Hilary!  Of course, in typical US fashion, none of this makes any logical sense, but is designed to appeal to the shallow ‘sound-bite’ system of info-tainment that has been operating in the US for decades.  If Michael Moore possessed any true links to Socialism and Communism,he would understand that the EU is a ruthless, totalitarian, rightwing, capitalist entity, whose only mission is the eradication of all Socialism in Europe, and the invasion and colonisation of Russia (all controlled from Washington).  Michael Moore is a bourgeois enemy of the people who uses his immense ‘capitalist’ wealth to ‘play’ at the idea of being ‘Socialist’.  In this regard, he represents a typical bourgeois barrier to the establishment of genuine Socialism in the US, that will not come through the current status quo.

The Far-Right Complexities of Zionism and Anti-Zionism


Zion (Jewish Eurocentric racism), and anti-Zionism (opposition to this racism), are peculiar entities, as both possess the power to attract far-right political support.  In the case of Zionism, not much imagination is required as to work-out what the political far-right find attractive, as a predominately ‘White’ and highly militarised and aggressive Jewish State is given carte blanche by the United States (and its allies), to persecute, torture, rape and murder the non-White Palestinian (and primarily ‘Islamic’) indigenous population of that occupied land (i.e. historical Palestine).  It seems illogical for the forces of neo-Nazism to politically ‘align’ themselves with Israel – particularly as this political far-right grouping has historically viewed all Jewish people with a racial disdain, and perpetuated the Hitlerite holocaust of WWII specifically (although not exclusively) against them.  Just as ‘like’ attracts  ‘like’, it is the Eurocentric ‘White’ racism that is implicit in Zionism that the political far-right find attractive, and not the theology of Judaism.  The Western far-right will support Israel for as long as it pursues its racist anti-Palestinian cause, but will abandon this support if Israel ever changed its Zionist policies.  This is nothing more than a relationship of convenience, because although Israel is currently supported by the far-right political establishment, Jews living outside of Israel are still subject to attack and murder by Western neo-Nazi thugs. Israel, of course, from time to time, condemns far-right political activity, but refuses to include its own Zionism in that criticism.

As Adolf Hitler specified that ‘lying’ is an important tool for far-right political activists, the far-right ‘ideologues’ have continuously sought new ways to sully and blur the left – right political debate.  This policy has been inspired as a means to hide its own despicable actions throughout the world both before and after WWII, particularly with regard to the Holocaust that targeted primarily Jews, but also the disabled, homosexuals, political dissidents, anti-racists, Communists, Socialists and anyone who opposed any aspect of Hitlerite thinking.  Rightwing historians assist this process of denial by claiming that the holocaust never happened, and that such a claim is nothing but a conspiracy theory aimed at besmirching Hitler’s reputation as a ‘great’ leader.  Another tactic is to argue numbers – stating that for various (and spurious) reasons, at least six million Jews (and other people) could not have been killed in the Concentration Camps both before and during WWII.  Given al this seeming contradictory information, how does the far-right justify supporting the anti-Zionist cause?  It does so because it links Zionist Israel with Soviet Russia – ludicrously stating that both are manifestations of a world-wide Jewish conspiracy to gain complete political power and eradicate the ‘gentile’ races, etc.  This is the far-right use of a legitimate (predominately ‘leftwing’) cause to attack the memory of the USSR, and turn the anti-fascist war it fought against Hitler’s Nazi Germany, into an ‘attack’ on peace-loving Europeans!  In pursuing this policy, the far-right are attempting to re-write history in their own distorted image.  The USSR fought and opposed fascism as a matter of ideological necessity, and as such, opposition to capitalism in decay, is the duty of every (non-Trotskyite) Socialist and Communist, and being so, is not a matter of choice.  The far-right plays down its own atrocities (as a form of historical denial), and instead projects its own short-comings and inadequacies onto the memory of the anti-fascist USSR.  This form of neo-Nazi revisionism plays into the hands of the Western-backed neo-Nazi regimes in Eastern Europe that pursue a racist anti-Russian policy.  Of course, as matters stand, none of this matters to Israel, because Israel is currently a racist colonial State occupying someone else’s land.

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