The Slave Mentality…

All unjustifiable violence is shocking and appalling.  Violence exists everywhere and is not limited to one ethnic group.  What is observable in this video is the failure of capitalism, and the continued unfolding of oppressive history.  The psychological, and physical violence meted-out to the African people enslaved and brutalised by the White race – re-emerges here in the unthinking, unfeeling, and insane actions of a group of African-American youths, as they beat an older African-American man in an apparent attempt to steal his meagre belongings.  This re-emerging of cycles of anger, hatred and violence, has its origin not in the Black imagination (or lack of it), or in somekind of ‘White’ imagined deficiency in Black culture, but is reflective of the Black experience hundreds of years ago under White oppression.  It is an experience that has its roots preserved in modern, capitalist America, where all non-White people are sub-ordinate to the White population, regardless of the sentimentality of bourgeois law, which offers at best a certain safety and equality of sorts, if only the individual can afford to prove it. Bourgeois law only applies to those with the wealth to ‘prove’ that the required law applies to their person – no money, no protection – this is how the capitalist system functions.  Those with money are lifted to the top, and those without money sink into the capitalist cess-pit of violence and despair – as is seen here.  As the US system has continuously abused, misrepresented, and lied about Scientific Socialism, the oppressed Black masses have nothing to fall back upon except White bourgeois culture and religion – the very social and cultural structures that guarantee their continued oppression.  Black people must self-study wherever they live, and help one another to understand Marxism.  The false ‘slave mentality’ must be understood for what it is, and thrown-off, and advanced Socialist beings must be formed in its place.  Pointless violence must stop, and disciplined self-defence workers’ committees established in its place.  Black working class people must join with White working class people and over-throw the White bourgeois domination – not for limited ends – but for expansive universal achievements.  Black and White working class people must unite to free the entire working class from its middle class domination.

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