Everything a Progressive Needs to Know about the Rich D Hall Paradigm


I do not know Richard D Hall personally, and have never met or directly communicated with him.  As a consequence, I have no way of knowing his private political convictions, but am commenting here, upon the general paradigm he buys into, and manifests through his RichPlanet.net website and accompanying TV programme (which is easily accessible on Youtube).  However, despite there being around a hundred or so programmes on a bewildering (not to mention entertaining) array of topics, I am of the opinion that the following Rich D Hall documentary, if watched carefully, will convey to the viewer everything that is needed to politically assess the direction of this paradigm:

Rich D Hall says ‘question everything’, but is perfectly happy to ignore his own advice when presenting the US Cold War fabrication of ‘Yuri Besmenov’ – the supposed ‘defected’ KBG agent – as a harbinger of ‘truth’.  No records exist in the Soviet Archives in modern Russia for anyone of this name ever being a KGB agent, or having ‘defected’ to the West.  The character of Yuri Besmenov is a US intelligence fabrication designed to spread and maintain a fear of Socialism and Communism amongst the working class of the capitalist West.  Furthermore, it is obvious for any student of Scientific Socialism, that the schematic that ‘Yuri Besmenov’ presents, and which Rich D Hall unquestionably conveys, is not rooted in the Revolutionary teachings of Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, or Vladimir Lenin, but are a reflection of the checks and balances routinely applied by the authorities within a bourgeois, capitalist society, for the maintenance of the status quo (i.e. systemic exploitation), and the continuation of law and order.  The fictitious character of Yuri Besmenov laughably represents the capitalist system criticising itself, in an apparent attempt to inoculate the Western working class against any Soviet attempt to draw its attention to the exploitation it lives under!  There is only one conspiracy here, and is the one revealed by Marx and Engels during the 19th century – namely the capitalist system and the coercive methods it uses to control the masses – a reality that the ‘truther’ Rich D Hall apparently is unable to perceive.

Once the bourgeois-supporting nature of Rich D Hall’s paradigm is revealed, everything else falls into place.  His attack on Brian Cox, for instance, is as incorrect as it is inaccurate – Brian Cox teaches science according to the level of understanding of his audience – and the supposed ‘counter science’ that Hall presents is already well-known and nothing new.  Hall basically parrots the obvious that matter is light-energy slowed down (although Hall mistakenly refers to light as being ‘trapped’ in matter – as if light and matter were two different things in essence). His homophobic attacks on Stephen Fry and his partner are the politics of pure hate.  His criticism of Albert Einstein is wrong.  Einstein – the supporter of Socialism and opposer of Zionist Israel – provided the mathematical basis that energy equals mass, times the speed of light squared.  Russell Brand put his career on the line by openly supporting the anti-austerity movement after 2010.  George Galloway did ‘crowd fund’ to make a film about Tony Blair’s crimes – and despite Rich D Hall’s comments to the opposite – this film was produced and released to wide critical acclaim.  I could go one with this de-construction, but I think the reader already gets the point – the facts presented by Rich D Hall are systemically ‘incorrect’, anti-leftwing, and anti-working class, and it is interesting to note that he has never interviewed anyone Black or Asian on his show.  Finally, if its a ‘conspiracy’ Rich D Hall and his colleagues want, why hasn’t he clashed with the current Tory administration about the deaths of more than 10,000 Disabled people in the UK, murdered by the State through NHS cuts and Welfare withdrawal?  In such an investigation, he might like to mention the United Nations finding the UK ‘Guilty of Crimes Against Humanity’ in 2016.

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