Michael Moore in Dreamland


In the movie ‘Team America’, Michael Moore is described as a fat ‘Socialist’, but in reality he is nothing of the kind.  His body image is of no concern to me, but his centre left bourgeois liberal politics certainly are.  America is a peculiar place because it is thoroughly capitalist, with a political and legal system designed to prevent the natural growth of Socialism out of the mire of cruelty, sexism, racism, warmongering and system-wide exploitation of the ordinary people, by a ruthless ruling elite.  There is nothing remotely ‘Socialistic’ or ‘Communistic’ about the USA, and that is just the way the establishment wants to keep things. Yesterday, the British TV station Channel 4 aired the US documentary entitled ‘Michael Moore in Trumpland’.  This piece of self-indulgent propaganda, evolved around Michael Moore presenting a chat-show type programme, where he sang the praises of Hilary Clinton, and attempted to make this privileged ‘White’ middle class woman seem like a victim of the very system that spawned her, and the very system she represents and supports.  Even taking into account US hyper-boil, bias and disinformation, it is obvious for all to see that the only difference between Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, is that Trump is honest about is rightwing politics and his racism. Like a classic episode of ‘Oprah’, Michael Moore attempted to manipulate a typical US audience of poorly informed, partially educated, and politically biased American citizens, and in so doing, attempted to extend that manipulation through the cinema and TV stations.

Michael Moore, like all Americans who feel safe to express vague leftwing views, is a multimillionaire, and the irony has not been lost on the fact that he generated this immense wealth through documentaries criticising capitalism.  Only the rich and privileged (exactly the people who do not need it), can safely express apparent leftwing views, because they possess the wealth to legally defend themselves from a highly aggressive and vindictive legal and political system, default set to perpetuate and serve predatory capitalism.  Michael Moore falls into this privileged category, and because of the arrogance implicit in White America, he feels that what he has to say is more important than anyone else.  Hilary Clinton is by no stretch of the imagination a ‘Socialist’, but is rather a Zionist supporting, rightwing, warmongering supporter of capitalism.  She is no different to her corrupt husband (who once had a mentally disabled man put to death, and commissioned an anti-Communist statue).  Moore relates how Hilary visited Estonia in the 1990’s just after the collapse of Soviet Communism, because at the time Estonia still possessed a fully universal healthcare system (left-over from its Communist days), and yet made no mention that the current Democratic government – under a Black President no less – has initiated, financed and armed a region-wide resurgence of neo-Nazism in the area that has infiltrated not only Estonia, but Latvia, Lithuania, and the Ukraine, premised upon a US generated, and rabid anti-Russian racism.  This is the face of the true Democratic Party that once supported the racist activity of ‘lynching’ in years gone by.

One final effort to manipulate his audience to view Hilary Clinton as a angelic and Christ-like figure, Michael Moore revealed is truly bourgeois and non-Socialistic take on affairs by stating that the UK made a mistake by voting ‘out’ of the EU, and that (bizarrely) US voters shouldn’t make the same mistake by ‘not’ voting for Hilary!  Of course, in typical US fashion, none of this makes any logical sense, but is designed to appeal to the shallow ‘sound-bite’ system of info-tainment that has been operating in the US for decades.  If Michael Moore possessed any true links to Socialism and Communism,he would understand that the EU is a ruthless, totalitarian, rightwing, capitalist entity, whose only mission is the eradication of all Socialism in Europe, and the invasion and colonisation of Russia (all controlled from Washington).  Michael Moore is a bourgeois enemy of the people who uses his immense ‘capitalist’ wealth to ‘play’ at the idea of being ‘Socialist’.  In this regard, he represents a typical bourgeois barrier to the establishment of genuine Socialism in the US, that will not come through the current status quo.

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