Disability Rights: Urban Edge (Paignton)


Urban Edge is Coffee-shop come wine bar in the centre of Paignton (in the Victoria Street area opposite Paignton Train Station).  These premises are own by a local businessman (and notorious hater of Disabled people) named Mr Mark Lewis.  His behaviour (and that of his colluding staff) made headline news in 2013, when one of my leftwing newspaper articles went viral, and his despicable treatment of the local Disabled population was finally exposed to the general public:

Picassos Coffee Lounge (Torquay) Discriminates Against Disabled People!

Many descent minded local people went to his former coffee shop and told him in no uncertain terms that his behaviour was unacceptable, and this sentiment eventually led to a boycott of his business.  This was after Mr Mark Lewis stated that Disabled people ‘smelled’, and that those with disfigurements put able-bodied people off their food!After a few months of trying to soldier on, the now ’empty’ Picassos was forced to shut.  Until Mr Mark Lewis issues an open apology for the many incidences of offence he has caused, and states without doubt that he intends to adhere to anti-discrimination laws in the UK, people should continue to boycott any and all businesses he attempts to establish – after-all, his insistence upon perpetuating Disability hate-crime is typical of rightwing political supporters, and is itself a violation of the law.


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