Whatever Happened to Lexit?


The BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, and Sky News, as well as all the rightwing press, actively courted the racist UKIP during the EU Referendum earlier this year, and narrowed the exit vote simply to ‘racism’.  The implication was that to see through the EU as a gigantic capitalist entity run from Berlin via Washington – was ‘racist’ – and yet it is the EU as a political entity that perpetuates the most vicious racism against primarily Black and Asian non-EU citizens, forbidding them ‘free’ movement into Europe.  Furthermore, the EU is the harbinger of US-style free market economics (or ‘predatory capitalism’ to you and me), and works entirely from an anti-Socialist ethos.  All members of the EU must curtail (and shut-down) the Unions, and de-Socialise all Welfare provision and free healthcare.  This is on top of the privatisation of all amenities such as water, gas and electricity.  The free movement of cheap labour over national boundaries is not ‘multiculturalism’, but one of the greatest attacks on the rights of workers since the Industrial Revolution.  Labour that freely moves is cheap because it has no protection and no safeguards.  The people being used for this EU labour experiment are simply fuel for the bourgeois mill – both figuratively and literally.  It is better for the international working class to have strong Unions in respective countries, and to fight the middle class for better pay and improved conditions within those countries, than to give-up the local fight and ‘migrate’, taking the problem elsewhere.  As it stands, migratory workers are uprooted from their homes, and forced to travel to unknown areas in search of work, irrespective of what such a process does to local economies and employment chances the local people.  In our respective countries, of course, we are all ‘local’ people, suffering from the impoverishment of the workers imposed by the EU – and this reality (and its observation) has absolutely nothing to do with racism, and everything to do with Marxist critique.  In typical ‘inverted’ bourgeois style, the racism-generating EU accuses those who ‘see through’ its racist policy of being ‘racist’!  In the meantime, whilst the bourgeois media rolls-out its usual blend of disinformation and hyper-boil, the unelected Tory government of Teresa May is pushing on with the privatisation of the NHS – as if she has a mandate to do so from the British people.  Although the UK has voted to ‘leave’ the EU, the EU demands that British Welfare and Socialised health be dismantled and privatised, are still being put into action by the unelected Tories!  The bourgeois media attempts to hide this reality by mis-reporting racist incidents in the UK, giving the false impression that rates have risen (when in fact the police admit that they have just rolled-out a ‘new’ system for recording racist crime that is more accurate – giving the false impression of an increase).  The reality is that racism is part and parcel of certain stratas of British life, encouraged and perpetuated by the British media.  Until the rightwing press is tackled for its racism, the UK will continue to suffer from it – it is that simple.

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