Capitalist Greed Spreads Diseases


When medicine (and science) is held exclusively within the hands of the rich, the privileged are entombed in their gated communities, bused in private ambulances from one private healthcare institute to another, and generally made to feel ‘safe’ and ‘protected’ from the ‘great unwashed’ (i.e. the proletariat).  This is the ghettoization of healthcare that favours the rich and punishes the poor.  Capitalism is greed, and private healthcare defies the evolutionary history of the development spread of disease and illness.  Capitalism is against the interests of the survival of the human species, and through the deprivation of the majority of that species from adequate healthcare, dooms humanity to a slow, painful and lingering death. People become ‘ill’ because they are ‘human’, and not because they are ‘poor’.  Rich people, living as they do in their hedonistic playgrounds, think that their monopoly on private medicine makes them ‘immortal’, this is scientifically incorrect.  As the rich, who live a parasitic lifestyle, do not mix in ‘general population’, their immunity is ‘weakened’ as a result, and they become susceptible to new diseases.  Their monopoly on medicine only protects the rich to a certain degree, but after that they will pay the price for their greed.  It is far more scientific for healthcare to exist free of charge, and society-wide, so that all diseases, ailments and illnesses are treated (and eradicated) at source.  However, when rich people ‘holiday’ in poor areas of the world, and sleep with prostitutes (and/or despicably abuse children), they spread Western diseases to these people, and contract non-Western diseases in-turn, which they then spread about through their immoral and frivolous lifestyles. Of course, when poor people are made ill in their own countries through the indifference of the rich, and are then made to travel across national borders in search of work, their illnesses and diseases are taken with them, but it is capitalist greed that has made them ill, and forced them to travel in the first place.  The parasitic rich are the natural consequence of the greed of capitalism. Healthcare must be fully Socialised and the people of the world treated equally for all diseases. Eventually, the rich will have to pay for their crimes.

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