Gay Communism Goes West

A cursory examination of the lyrics of the Pet Shop Boys (PSB) reveals a familiarity with Marxist critique – perhaps even a Marxist-Leninist critique.  Of course, VI Lenin- the founder of the Bolsheviks and the inspiration behind the 1917 Russian Revolution – was one of the first world leaders to de-criminalise homosexuality (around 1918), and it is obvious that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels (the founders of modern Scientific Socialism) would have had no tolerance for the fabricated and sentimentalised hypocrisy of the pretence that is bourgeois ‘morality’.  The PSBs are obviously politically aware, and although I cannot speak for them, or have any knowledge of their political views, it is interesting that in their 1992 ‘Go West’ cover of the Village People classic, they seem to be suggesting that Soviet Communism should spread Westward, and create heaven on earth.  They got away with this because a year earlier, the Soviet Union had been voted out of existence by a Western-backed counter-revolution in Russia.  One of the PSB’s commented that the song ‘Go West’ sounds suspiciously like the Soviet National Anthem, and indeed it does.  The beginning of this video has the Swedish inscription:

Rappad Av Rosa Mannen

Which translates as:

Ripped Pink Man

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