US Imperialism: Bombing the World into Democracy Since 1776!


Many of my friends around the world, in one form or another, live under US domination and threat of military violence that is deemed ‘freedom’ by the American capitalists. Even in the UK, we are bombarded with American dumbed-down news, deficient US News and Media, US distorted ‘Cold War’ history, US anti-Russian racism, US anti-Chinese racism, and US military personnel on bases left-over from WWII. The US military (like US Christian missionaries) represent the ruling classes who possess all the political power and wealth, and who think nothing of maiming and killing those who oppose grred, or who do not conform to certain stereotypes of class and racial purity.  The US ruling class is the predominantly ‘White’ bourgeoisie that allows certain non-White members such as rich business people, celebrities and successful sports stars into its ranks, but only occupying a sub-ordinate position.  US White hegemony must never be exposed, threatened, attacked or over-turned – for an example of non-White support for the White bourgeoisie in the US – look no further than the regressive viewpoints of Morgan Freeman.  Even the so-called Communist Party of the USA whole-heartedly endorses the arch bourgeois imperialist and warmonger Hilary Clinton – whilst routinely issuing anti-Communist China rhetoric in its so-called ‘education’ broadcasts.  The Communist Party of the USA is a mouthpiece for the very ‘White’ bourgeois class that Marxist-Engelism and Marxist-Leninism seeks to over-throw through the implementation of Revolutionary Scientific Socialism.  Of course, the US remains the only so-called ‘democracy’ that has executed its own citizens for holding ‘Communist’ viewpoints.  In the meantime, the distorted and self-serving thinking of the bourgeoisie is permeating every corner of the globe and needs to be stopped.  Non-White peoples (and poor White working class) are viewed as nothing but exploitable ‘play things’ for the US military that is spread throughout the world.  The US military must return home and the Communist Party of the USA must purge all bourgeois and corrupting elements from its ranks.  If it does not, how can it lead the proletariat effectively?


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