Rightwing Fox News Supports Mike Tyson! (21.10.2016)

Fox News is a despicable rightwing, bourgeois, capitalist supporting commercial entity, that is responsible for the sustaining and perpetuation of ‘White’ racism in the USA.  Fox News also supports the racist Republican Party, and has supported virtually all neo-colonial military activity perpetuated by the US Government both within and outside the USA.  Fox News revels in warmongering around the world, and has taken the lead in perpetuating anti-Chinese racism, and the continuous misrepresentation of Communist China.  Fox News is a class enemy of the people, and yet in this documentary, the case is made that Mike Tyson was a victim of a lying woman who wanted to make money and gain fame from her association with him.  I have read legal papers some years ago that also cast doubt on the victim’s assertions, and it seems that Mike Tyson – despite being rich at the time – was betrayed by Don King, and his own legal team.  Mike Tyson was the victim of Black ‘capitalist’ greed and the very ‘White’ racism that Fox News perpetuates, even though Fox News above has climbed on the bandwagon to suggest that he might have been ‘innocent’.  There is much to suggest that this conclusion is ‘true’ and that the White established – which has always feared the ‘Black Man’ (just see the 1933 film ‘King Kong’) – was looking for a reason to bring-down the ‘frightening’ (to ‘White’ people) former (and awesome) heavyweight champion of the world. According to three female witnesses, that the alleged victim was all-over Mike Tyson and had confided in a friend that she was going to have sex with him. It seems that Mike Tyson was the victim of a greedy ‘Black’ woman in the US, whose own testimony was full of holes, contradictions and inconsistencies.  Of course, rape is absolutely wrong, and I condemn any and all aspects of such a despicable crime (whether it happens to men or women), but the weight of evidence in this case suggests that Mike Tyson was innocent and the victim of a Black woman’s greed and a White, racist establishment that wanted to get rid of him.

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