New Labour’s Old Racism


Following the Soviet victory over German Nazism in both the USSR, Eastern Europe East Germany, and the Japanese imperial army in North-east China at the conclusion of WWII in all its theatres, the Western world world marvelled at its accomplishments and its loses – which stand between 27 – 40 million men, women and children.  The elected British Labour government of 1945, although in no way ‘Communist’, or particularly ‘Socialist’, set about attempting to mimic the universally ‘free’ healthcare system established in the USSR by Lenin. Of course, ever since the re-election of Winston Churchill in 1951, the British National Health Service (NHS) established in 1948 has been constantly attacked and whittled-down by subsequent Tory and Labour governments. The major death-blow came with Margaret Thatcher’s election in 1979, and her NHS reform that saw the NHS emphasis switch from ‘need’ to ‘cost’ (and in so doing, opening-up internal markets).  Free treatments were immediately ‘withdrawn’, and existing, available treatments severely.  New Labour under Tony Blair (and Gordon Brown), continued this policy of ‘privatisation’, by introducing the ‘private finance initiative’ (PFI) which saw whole swathes of the NHS sold-off to people like Richard Branson, and businesses such as Vodafone, etc.  In 2005, New Labour ‘scrapped’ the TB vaccination known as ‘BCG’ which was universally administered to school children at around 12 years old.  This cynical move to cut the NHS and save money immediately led to an increase in the development of TB infections throughout the UK – but New Labour had one more neo-imperialist card up its sleeve.  Tony Blair stated that children born to Indian or Chinese parentage are more prone to spread disease in the UK – and so should be vaccinated at birth.  The present Tory government has continued this racialised policy toward health on paper (the ‘dirty foreigners’ perspective), but has simultaneously axed many of the local NHS departments whose job it was to hunt-down the appropriate, disease-spreading ethnic minorities. As far as I am concerned, the Labour Party is a thoroughly bourgeois entity that has been guilty of peddling not only racism in the past, but also anti-Soviet propaganda.  It is also true that the Labour Party does not allow members of Communist or Socialist Parties to be join.  The BCG vaccination should be universally and freely available for ALL children irrespective of ethnic background.

Background post (Originally made on Facebook):

New Labour (i.e ‘Tony Blair’) cut the universal BCG vaccinations in the UK claiming this deadly disease (TB) had been wiped-out. However, Labour also decreed (without medical evidence) that the children of Indian and Chinese people living in the UK carried diseases harmful to the general population. This is why my children have had to be inoculated when the practice has ceased elsewhere. Today, the Health Visitor yet again stated that due to the health risks (?) to others, Kai-Lin will have to have a BCG vaccination – but there’s a twist. The Tories have retained the New Labour racism, but have cut the local service that hunts-down and inoculates the children of ethnic minorities living in the Sutton area. Apparently we have to go to a clinic in Battersea where there is a year long waiting list! The British government must stop scapegoating and demonising the children of ethnic minorities, and re-introduce BCG inoculations for ALL children. Now, as New Labour cut the BCG’s, TB is on the rise again in the UK and this has nothing to do with Indian or Chinese children. Furthermore, as GP’s are now nothing but medicalised accountants, they tend not to pick-up on TB symptoms.

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