Paul Robeson’s Solidarity with China: Stand Up! The People Will Nolonger Be Slaves!



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(Translated by Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

Translator’s Note:  Paul Robeson is one of the greatest intellectuals the US has ever produced, despite its Eurocentric racism and pathological dislike of Blackness, Socialism and Communism. Paul Robeson was popular amongst US workers (of all ethnicities), and was a true ‘Internationalist’.  He stood-up to White US tyranny – and when he met with US President Truman, he demanded that anti-lynching laws be passed, as a means to stop rabid and hate-filled White people from murdering Black people through illegal torture and execution (which included hanging from trees, lamp posts and buildings).  Truman immediately halted the interview and had Robeson removed – refusing to help in anyway.  Although the US embarked on a Cold War strategy of fabrication and lies about the USSR, Paul Robeson would not change his view that Soviet Communism was better than US capitalism.  Finally, even today, Paul Robeson is treated with respect within Communist China, and this short article links him to the Chinese National Anthem.  ACW  5.8.2016

During the 1940’s, the greatly renowned African-American singer Paul Robeson, performed ‘March of the Volunteer’ all over the USA, which includes the powerful and poignant line:

‘Stand Up!  The People Will Nolonger Be Slaves!’

This song was written over 80 years ago, and since that time, its inspiring and revolutionary lyrics and majestic melody, have resonated across the length and breadth of China and the world.  Recently, the track entitled ‘Song of the Country – March of the Volunteers – National Anthem’ has been re-recorded and re-released in China.  As a distinct piece of inspirational music, it was originally written in the 1934 as part of Communist China’s anti-Japanese War effort.  This was a terrible time when the Chinese nation faced extermination at the hands of a brutal enemy – it was a matter of life and death for the Chinese people.  The anthem ‘March of the Volunteers’, was originally featured in the film entitled ‘Wind and clouds – Sons and Daughters’, with its lyrics written by Tian Han (田汉), and a musical accompaniment arranged by the composer Nie Er (聂耳).  This film was made in Shanghai – so it is from Shanghai that China’s National Anthem is known to have originated.


Before the establishment of New China, the ‘March of the Volunteers’ inspired the Chinese masses to rise-up against the forces of imperialism that were ripping the country apart, and destroying the Chinese people.  Together with the revolutionary bugle call, this anthem called for all the Chinese people to fight together to earn their independence and freedom from tyranny!  After the successful Chinese Communist Revolution in 1949, ‘March of the Volunteers’ became the National Anthem of China, and not only united the various ethnic groups to build Socialism within China, but its anti-imperialist ethos spread across the world to inspire all oppressed peoples to fight back against imperialist tyranny!  The anthem encourages all peoples to forge an indomitable spirit, and never give-up, no matter how powerful are the imperialist forces arrayed before the masses.  This revolutionary attitude has enabled New China to forge ahead in the world, and breath a new vigour into Chinese culture.


©opyright: Adrian Chan-Wyles (ShiDaDao) 2016.

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