American Racism Destroys London


London Has Fallen – into a US neo-con delusion. The Independent called it ‘Terrorploitation’ and everyone else ‘racist’. The US producers couldn’t understand British cinema audiences cheering everytime a major landmark was destroyed! If George Bush and Tony Blair mated, and their off-spring was a film – this would be it. The only terrorists in this film are the Americans – the only believable part of it! Those who should be ashamed of themselves – all the Black and Asian actors (including Morgan Freeman) who willingly played White racist stereotypes of their own people, and the Scotsmen Gerard Butler whose racially motivated violence in the name of US imperialism is an insult to Scotland. This film is a catalogue of rightwing historical distortion. Britain is described as the ‘oldest ally’ of the US – when in fact the original ‘Americans’ were rebellious British citizens living in the colony that resorted to ‘terrorism’ to severe the link between themselves and their legitimate government in London. By definition, Britain is in fact the ‘oldest enemy’ of the US, but in typical bourgeois fashion, history is inverted to justify Eurocentric racism, and build a false image of all White people acting together against an ‘imagined ‘non-White’ enemy – in other words, nasty Black, Brown and Yellow people must die for White Europe (and the USA) to survive. I also think this film is racist toward British people as it fundamentally misrepresents British culture (not to mention landmarks – as a Tube entrance to the Barbican had the sign ‘Charring Cross’ affixed to it). For instance, after the 911 terror attacks in New York, and before the media-led hysteria linking the UK to the USA – many British people were of the opinion that America had brought these attacks upon themselves. Now that’s a film I would like to see.

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