White Privilege Meets Black Reality

Eurocentric racism is so prolific that it even wants to ‘stop’ its victims ‘thinking’ for themselves and understanding the racism levelled at them. If the victims of racism cannot think for themselves, then the perpetuaters of that racism remain firmly in control of society and hold all the cards. It makes no difference whatsoever what ethnicity or skin-colour a police officer is, they are upholding the prejudices of Eurocentric racism, pure and simple, and it makes no difference where the Eurocentric police operate, it is exactly the same paradigm of racial domination and racial destruction in operation, all presented through the bourgeois sentimentalist filter of ‘upholding the law’.  Where did this ‘law’ originate, and who does it protect?  It didn’t protect Stephen Lawrence or Eric Garner to name just two of a very long list of Black people killed by White racists, many of whom wear blue uniforms.  When Stephen Lawrence was murdered by a gang of White racists in the UK, the Metropolitan Police set in motion a plan to protect the White killers whilst investigating Stephen and his family for any wrong-doing.  The death of Eric Garner at the hands of the NYPD is as shocking as it is unjust.  There will not be any justice until killer police officers are tried by their peers in a Court of Law and imprisoned for their crimes.  This holds for all European countries, the USA, and anywhere else in the world that the destructive ideology of Eurocentric racism prevails.  In the meantime, White apologists for racism will continue to attack Black people wherever Black wisdom threatens to turn the tables upon them.  Black Lives Matter because Black people possess the power of historical fortitude, cultural sophistication, and ancient wisdom not only to free themselves, but to free us all from bourgeois oppression.

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