Time to Abolish UKIP


The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) was originally founded by academics specialised in economics and law, but soon became over-run with nationalists and racists.  This led to the original founders being ousted, and a definite and racist rightwing agenda premised upon hatred of difference, being used to replace its original ideological foundation.  UKIP transformed from a moderate and logical protest group against the tyranny of the European Union (EU), into a dangerous and highly unpredictable extremist group that attracted fascists and neo-Nazis.  As a single issue party, UKIP only ever officially campaigned against leaving the EU, but unofficially (and behind the scenes), UKIP kept-up a relentless policy of creating racial division within UK society, in its pursuance of the Hitlerite dogma of manufacturing a ‘race war’ on British streets.  As the leftwing of the UK has voted to leave the EU (something UKIP failed to achieve despite blanket media support in the UK) – the rightwing aberration that is UKIP nolonger has a legitimate political purpose, and should be disbanded.

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