NHS Creeping Privatisation Since 1986


The NHS has been steadily ‘privatised’ since 1986 – the year Thatcher created the ‘Single European Act’ – and we, as a nation, have just meekly accepted its demise as if it is OK. This privatisation has been applied by the Tories, the Labour Party and the LibDems since 1986 – ask yourselves ‘why’ ALL the UK political parties have pursued this policy that is ultimately no good to the British people. Why would political parties risk their electoral credibility by implementing this destructive policy? The answer is that the EU (since 1986) has been pursuing a rightwing, US-style free market, predatory capitalism that is controlled by a set of legislations that demands that ALL ‘Socialised’ and ‘Nationalised’ entities within constituent EU countries MUST (by force of law) ‘privatise’ ALL publically owned entities, including health systems and welfare provision. This also required the out-lawing of union activity, because workers acting together are only group that could effectively ‘fight’ this EU tyranny. Here is a list of NHS Services that are now ‘private’, but were once available to ALL British citizens ‘free’ at the point of use, either as patients or as NHS staff:
1) Eye care.

2) Ear care.

3) Dentistry.

4) Disability equipment.

5) Ambulance service.

6) Hospital transport.

7) Hospital catering.

8) NHS communication.

9) Surgery treatment and equipment.

10) Comprehensive medical provision.

11) NHS staff accommodation.

12) NHS crèche.

13) NHS counselling.

14) NHS clothing.

15) GP services.

16) Drug availability.

17) Quality of drug.

18) Choice of treatment.

19) Bereavement services.

20) Maternity services.

21) NHS care homes (elderly).

This is a very brief list of the effects of ‘creeping’ privatisation that has been applied to the NHS by EU legislation since 1986.  The full-scale of this privatisation is immense and ordinary people often have no grasp of its entire scale or comprehensive application.  This is the opening of the NHS to internal markets where citizens of the UK (who have already paid for the NHS through taxation and effectively ‘own’ the services), have these services stolen from them and ‘re-sold’ back to them (albeit in deficient form) by adventure capitalists who do not ‘care’ about either the NHS or the British people.  What the EU wants to do now is finish this task of complete privatisation, so that what is left of the NHS transitions into a ‘private’ healthcare system that privileges the rich.  The NHS is in a mess and is falling apart around us.  Leaving the EU will prevent further privatisation, but the damage done is so profound that I doubt how our conventional political parties (that already have proven their willingness to betray their electorate) do not possess the will-power or vision to re-build the NHS.  However, if the UK can leave the UK, I think a revolution can occur that benefits the people and not the rich.


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