Thailand: Buddhist Monks Will Stop Begging


The government of Thailand has lurched ever further to the right over the years, and has now started initiating a pro-Western, pro-Christian agenda amongst its own Buddhist population (which comprises 90% of the people), in return for increased levels of US financial and military aid.  Just as the US has made ample use of highly militant and aggressive Western Christian missionaries in the US colonies of South Korea and Taiwan, it seems that the current Thai government attack on its own ancient Buddhist establishment is a preparation for the mass ‘Christianisation’ of the country.  This theory has been given credence in recent months, as Western rightwing ‘Animal Rights’ groups (with Christian agendas) have intensified their already virulent and hate filled attack on the famous Tiger Temple that has performed such excellent work bringing wild animals and human-beings peacefully together.  The Christian establishment is opposed to this as it appears to demonstrate the efficacy of Buddhist teachings that apparently resemble those of St Francis of Assisi.  As  matters have transpired, the Thai government has given-in to this malignant foreign interference, and stolen all the tigers from the temple, concocting a false narrative of ‘cruelty’ for the foreign media.  This narrative cannot be propagated in Thailand simply because no one would believe it.  In response to this governmental harassment and repression of Buddhism, the monks have threatened to stop begging and withdraw the facility through which the government and the laity can produce ‘good’ karma for the individual and country.  When a lay-person gives scraps of waste food to pure Buddhist monks, it is believed that a tremendous amount of good karma is produced for the giver.  Instead, the monks will go about their daily activities and meditate as their bodily functions slowly fade away and their bodies die.  In the Buddhist sutras it states that one of the gravest crimes (which attracts hellish karma) is the wounding or killing of a Buddhist monk. The point of this passive resistance is that the Thai government, by being swayed by foreign delusion, will sow the karmic seeds of its downfall. This is a matter of grave concern in Thailand which is being ignored by the racist Western press as being something of a joke.

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