NHS Privatisation in the Sutton (South London) Area.


The Robinhood Lane NHS surgery in Sutton is using ‘spin’ and ‘manipulation’ of the general public to package its privatisation drive. Firstly, doctors are ‘scripted’ to say ‘I hope you feel better soon’ at the completion of a consultation – giving the false impression to the patient that they genuinely ‘care’ when they do not. Apparently this is to create a good impression to influence the eventual fee paying patients when the switch to private health becomes official. Secondly, doctors have been instructed to issue less prescriptions to save money for the surgery. The manner in which this is done is to tell the patient that the medicine they need costs around ‘£2’ (always the same amount) whereas a prescription costs ‘£8’. By ‘buying’ (privately) the medicine they need, the patients are saving themselves ‘£6’ but are losing their NHS!

NHS dentistry is nolonger a comprehensive or preventative service, instead it responds to emergencies with the most basic and rudimentary of treatments which are designed to be the ‘minimum’ to qualify as ‘NHS’ treatment and receive NHS funding. In the meantime, NHS patients (now termed ‘customers’) are treated as second class citizens by the people employed as NHS dentists. This means that regular check-ups exist on paper only, because NHS dentists are also allowed to treat ‘private’ patients as a ‘priority’ over the NHS patients who do not pay. Bear in mind that the UK public ‘pay’ for the NHS out of taxation, but with privatisation, NHS equipment, premises and staff are also used to treat those who pay privately to be put at the top of waiting lists (and treated as a priority after 2pm each day) – this is happening throughout the NHS and explains why you are asked ‘do you pay?’ during NHS consultations. This is a device used by NHS staff to decide your priority in the rationing of treatment – with those who privately ‘pay’ being given top priority over those who do not. This is a bourgeois lie – as absolutely everyone who uses the NHS has paid through taxation. It is morally wrong to make people pay again to get a service previously secured, and to persecute those who do not pay again.

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