US Space Programme was a Fraud

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Why did the US pursue a ‘Space Race when such a project does not make any profit for the capitalist system?  The Soviet Union initiated space exploration for the betterment of humanity and the progression of science was the objective.  US capitalism only benefits the middle class that controls it, so what was the benefit of space exploration for the US?  The benefit for the US was obviously not the ‘free’ betterment of humanity, but rather an exercise in convincing its own working class that it was better for them to continue to unquestioningly live under the capitalism that enslaves them, than to work for the achievement of the Scientific Socialism that would free them.  As matters transpired, the USSR proved to be far more effective in virtually every facet of space exploration – beating the US at every step – except for the landing of a human being on the surface of the moon, but even in this regard, the Soviet were very close.  Instead of wasting further resources on travelling to the moon, the Soviets instead focused upon building a permanent space station in earth’s orbit – an achievement accomplished in 1972, and to date the USSR has been the only nation ever to have achieved this astonishing scientific feat.  Even modern Russia’s ‘International Space Station’ is the direct scientific descendent of this Soviet technology.  This maybe compared with the US space programme which effectively ended its off-planet exploration-phase in 1972.  The point is that capitalism is about making monetary profit and sustaining middle class privileged in such a manner that ‘prevents’ scientific progression in its most ‘free’ and ‘efficient’ model.  Any scientific progression in the capitalist system is a haphazard affair, achieved piece-meal as and when the search for profit allows.  As US capitalism is not motivated by altruistic notions, it seems that the US quit whilst it was ahead in 1972, after a number of successful moon missions.  This was because the US capitalist system could not economically, psychologically or physically compete with the Soviet science, and instead of risking yet another monumental failure in losing to the USSR in yet another progression of space exploration, the US took the decision to rest on its laurels and only give lip-service to space exploration.  Presumably a decision had been taken that the US working class was suitably brain-washed to continue to be complicit in its own enslavement, by espousing middle class hatred toward the USSR – as if these views were its own.  The US space race was a cynical attempt at continuing capitalist oppression disguised as ‘exploratory’ science.  As far as I am personally concerned, capitalism is an inherently dishonest and fraudulent system, and I would not be surprised to learn that the moon landings were faked, or even that the space shuttle project was nothing but smoke and mirrors!  Never underestimate the ability of capitalism to lie and deceive all in the name of profit.

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