Tibet is not Palestine



The above photographs are from a protest march involving Chinese people supporting the People’s Republic of China, which took place in Vancouver, Canada in early 2008.  This was a demonstration against the deliberate broadcasting of essentially ‘racist’ disinformation, distortion, lies, and pro-Western propaganda emanating from the BBC, CNN, and other media outlets, regarding the issue of Tibet, a historical part of northwest China.  This misrepresentation of Chinese and Tibetan history by the Western media has a long history, and cannot be limited to 2008.  The USA always pursues a pro-capitalist policy toward all Socialist and Communist regimes, geared to infiltrate and bring-down those systems.  This is, of course, against International Law, as it is the deliberate attack on Sovereign States by the US designed to destroy legitimate and peaceful governance and replace it with the chaos of capitalist, free market economics.  An example of this racist, greed-orientated distortion of Asian history and politics can be found in the ignorant rhetoric of the US financed ‘Radio Free Asia’ which is quite rightly ‘blocked’ in Mainland China.  Tibet is today a thriving country that has been transformed out of feudalistic poverty and misery since the Communist Revolution in China in 1949.  Prior to this date, Tibet was part of Nationalist China – and as that regime was ‘capitalist friendly’, the West had nothing to say on the matter.  Even before the establishment of the nationalist Republic of China in 1911, Tibet was a well-established part of geographical imperial China, and had been for many hundreds of years.  When Mao Zedong led the Chinese people to successful Revolution in 1949, Tibet was part of China and all that changed was the type of governance and flag of the nation.  Since then, China has concentrated resources, medical aid, economic aid, and educational facilitation in the Tibetan area of China, which has seen a rapid relief of Tibetan poverty and a general raising of life expectancy and quality of life.  This has all been achieved despite the Dalai Lama Clique in the West and its bourgeois supporters continuously churning-out ahistorical anti-Chinese propaganda.  The point of the Dalai Lama Clique is to bring-down Communist China and replace it with American-style free market capitalism.  Like the imperial era before Communism in China, this would be a disaster for the Chinese and Tibetan peoples.

I was recently reading the social media page of a pro-Palestinian blogger (I believe posting from India).  He stated that China supports Palestine but then displayed his ignorance by asserting that China is hypocritical due to its occupation of Tibet!  As a supporter of Palestine myself, this comment demonstrated to me the bourgeois mind-set of this individual, and his unreliable interpretation of political events from the proletariat perspective.  To put it simply, Tibet is not Palestine and the two situations cannot, and should not be confused or conflated.  Tibet is a historical part of China, (indeed many hundreds of thousands of Tibetans live in China outside of the Tibetan area), and the Tibetan people are an integral part of Mainland China.  No one in Tibet, whether they be lay or ordained Buddhists, support the Dalai Lama, or view him as their ‘leader’.  This is a position that he has applied to himself and no one in the West even bothers to question it.  The Dalai Lama and his Clique was created in the 1950’s through a CIA Operation in Tibet that was tasked by the US government to ‘infect’ ordinary Tibetans with the thinking of Western-based racist nationalism.  This was, of course, a precursor to the US policy of infecting Muslim tribesman with Western racism in Afghanistan, and so distort the peace-loving religion of Islam into the death-dealing mania of Islamo-fascism!  This distortion or ‘warping’ of philosophical and religious teaching can be found in the fabricated Buddhism espoused by the Dalai Lama and his crew of luxury-enjoying lamas and bourgeois supporters in the West.  This ‘Buddhism’ has been corrupted to such an extent that it now represents a type of Christian-thinking designed to placate the Dalai Lama’s rich Western supporters.  In the meantime, no one in Tibet or China are interested in this capitalist circus.

The US is trying to destroy communist China and colonise it with capitalists and capitalism.  In this respect, this is very similar to what the British and UN did in Palestine.  Basically southern Palestine was given to rightwing Zionists who then embarked upon a ruthless campaign of ethnically cleansing the Palestinian people from their historical land.  By way of contrast, the Communist policies of Mainland China are strengthening the people and culture of Tibet, to a very remarkable degree.  Whereas the Dalai Lama is busy destroying Tibetan Buddhism in the West – the Communist Chinese government is taking stringent steps to preserve and encourage the ‘authentic’ practice of Tibetan Buddhism in Tibet.  In occupied Palestine, by comparison, the Zionists are pursuing a racist policy of destroying the Islamic faith of the Palestinians (this also includes an attack on Palestinian Christianity).  Just as many millions of Tibetans live in China (outside of Tibet), a relatively small number of Han Chinese live in Tibet.  This is part of the free movement of Chinese citizens and does not constitute an ‘invasion’.  Whilst China views the Israeli occupation and murderous activities in Palestine as imperialistic and colonial in nature, China is also having to confront a highly aggressive neo-colonial attack on its unifying policies in Tibet, emanating from the US.  Those who support the Palestinian cause (and who purport to support the ‘left’) should also support China’s Communist policies in Tibet (and throughout China). Westerners who support the political left should support Communist China in its support of Palestine, and reject the bourgeois, capitalist tendencies of the Dalai Lama and his clique in the West.



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