Communist China Protecting Animals from US Attack

horse mask

Basic information about protection from atomic, chemical, and biological weapons.  No. 6 in a series of 14 posters: Protection for Livestock.  Published by: Publishing House of the General Staff of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, June, 1960.

(Chinese Propaganda Posters From the Collection of Michael Wolf)

There is a certain tangible sadness to these type posters, because the such posters express the threat from the USA that the Chinese people continuously lived under.  It is remarkable that although China in the early days of its Communist Revolution possessed very little material wealth (the Westerners had stole it all during the Japanese and European colonial era), its people were strengthened by the fact that they possessed both ‘freedom’ from the oppression of capitalism, and the right to ‘self-determination’.  The racialist stereotype depicting Chinese people as not caring about animals – that has such currency in the contemporary West – is automatically dismissed in this poster.  Although not equipped to appropriately resist US (imperialist) weapons of mass destruction – the Chinese people still tried their best in difficult circumstances (which is the essence of a progressive society).  The Chinese people are to be applauded for thinking of caring for animals when even under the threat of catastrophic attack!

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