More on the Racism of ‘Hong Kong Phooey’ (Remember – it’s Quicker than the Human-Eye)!

This is the typical tactic deployed by the White community of ‘divide and conquer’, whereby ethnic minorities are turned against one another for the entertainment of Europeans (and their children). Scatman Crothers even starts saying things like ‘Ching, Chong, Chang’ as part of the supposed ‘rap’ he is performing… 

US: The Dark Side of National Parks

The US National Park system represents a colonial and imperialist policy designed to turn the former hunting and burial grounds of the Native Americans, into playthings for the conquering White people (and their allies). As there still exist millions of acres not used for European settlement, the Native American peoples could ‘still’ live on these vast lands, but the European settlers will not allow what they perceive as a threat to their hegemony. Instead, the Native American peoples are forced into artificially ‘limited’ areas, and fed alcohol, drugs and Christianity to keep them ‘pacified’.