How UK Governments Exploit and Kill the Disabled

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New Labour (under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown) continued the Thatcherite counter-revolution that saw the dismantling and privatisation of the National Health Service (NHS), and the abolition of the Benefits System in the UK.  Tony Blair promised a Minister for Disability Civil Rights – and immediately reneged on his promise after his landslide election victory.  Disabled people – as a distinct group that cuts-through many other social categories – is probably the most oppressed and disempowered of all disadvantaged groups.  Employers openly discriminate against those with disabilities because the current UK Employment Law allows such prejudice to be routinely applied, and any disabled-specific legislation is framed as being purely ‘voluntary’ in nature.  This means that employers do not have to legally apply it in their businesses unless they choose to do so.  Why is this the case?  It is because the government – like the middle class employers it supports – views the disabled as a category of people that ‘cost’ too much to be employed.  Employing a disabled person that needs wheelchair access, hearing-aid devices, or special computer arrangements for visual impairment, takes money out of the ‘profit’ of the firm, and is therefore viewed in the (current discrimination-friendly) legal environment as being a ‘bad’ investment.

Since 2010, the attack on the NHS and Welfare System has intensified under the odious Liberal Democrat-Tory coalition and Tory administrations.  Disability benefits and healthcare has been a particular target for David Cameron and his lackey Ian Duncan-Smith.  This has seen tens of thousands of disabled people die in the UK within weeks of having their benefits stopped because they have been found arbitrarily ‘fit for work’.  This is a non-medicalised assessment process applied by non-medically trained or qualified employees of the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). This policy has subjected the disabled population of the UK to a holocaust-type situation that has seen the ethnic cleansing of UK’s disabled population with estimates of between 10,000 and 80,000 people with disabilities dying as a direct result of UK government policy since 2010.  As a consequence, the UK government has become the first Western country in history to be subjected to a United Nations (UN) investigation for Crimes Against Humanity.

Prior to the New Labour, Liberal Democrat and Tory administrations, disabled people received the help and equipment they needed ‘free’ from the State.  Since the New Labour, Liberal Democrat, and Tory administrations, all this ‘free ‘equipment (paid for through taxation) has been cut and privatised.  As disabled people still possess extra needs and wants to maintain their everyday existence with a modicum of dignity, they have been forced to spend their meagre disability benefits in the various disability ‘shops’ run by non-disabled business people that have sprung-up.  These people are inherently ‘greedy’ individuals who vote ‘conservative’ and perceive the ‘Disabled’ as simply being a means of making money (and profit).  These non-disabled business people do not ‘care’ about the plight of the disabled people they routinely rip-off with poor quality equipment, over-inflated prices, and a complete lack of basic respect manifest through a non-existent customer care policy.  The people who run these shops and businesses that ‘sell’ equipment such as wheelchairs, mobility scooters and special chairs, etc, are generally self-consumed profit-hunters with no political consciousness other than the fulfilment of personal greed.

A quick survey of these ‘businesses’ will demonstrate that not only are none of the owners disabled, but they do not employ any disabled people.  This is because the owners of these businesses implicitly ‘agree’ with the discrimination aimed at disabled people, and view those with disabilities as simply being a means of exploitation to make profit.  This is pure capitalist greed at work and demonstrates how various UK governments have simply practised discrimination against those with disabilities, through the framework of national policy.  The disabled people of the UK are now more exploited than at any other time in the history of this group since the Hitlerite extermination policy of WWII.  In fact it has been suggested that since 2010, the Liberal Democrats and Tory administrations have actually deliberately targeted and killed more disabled people through their policies, than those killed by the Nazi German regime during the same time-scale.  In the meantime, people with disabilities are forced to ‘buy’ equipment from those who do not care about their existence or well-being.

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