The Last Emperor of China Condemns Western Imperialism in China


Emperor Pu Yi Captured by the Soviets in 1945

Extracted ‘From Emperor to Citizen’ 1979, Foreign Language Press, (Pages 445-446)

(Copy-Typed By Adrian Chan-Wyles PhD)

‘After the Korean armistice was signed and China played a new role in world affairs at the Geneva Conference I had thought about China’s international relations since the Opium Wars: from the time of my great-grandfather Tao Kuang to the Kuomingtang and Chiang Kai-shek, they had had a continuous record of “soft bone disease”.  During those 109 years the bringers of cannon and opium, the pseudo-missionaries – the foreigners who thought themselves so civilised and superior – had come to China and burned, killed, plundered and cheated.  The foreign invaders had stationed their troops in China’s capital ports, big cities and forts, and had all regarded the Chinese as slaves, savages and targets.  They had caused China so many days of national disgrace, and made China sign so many treaties turning her own people into slaves.  So many humiliating terms had appeared in the diplomatic history of the period: equality of opportunity, the open door, most favoured nation treatment, leased territories, mortgaged tariffs, consular jurisdiction, garrison rights, railway-building rights, mining rights, river transport rights, air transport rights, and so on.  The foreigners had even once enjoyed the special privileges of paying one hundred US dollars as compensation for killing a donkey, eight dollars for killing a man.  They had not been liable for trial by Chinese courts if they raped a Chinese woman.

But this shameful period was now gone for ever.  The Chinese people had stood up and were now confidently building their own country, making the foreigners who had laughed so insultingly shut their mouths.’

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