Trotsky the Racist


It is one thing when a Communist party, firmly resting on the flower of the urban proletariat, strives through the workers to lead a peasant war. It is an altogether different thing when a few thousand or even tens of thousands of revolutionists, who are truly Communists or only take the name, assume the leadership of a peasant war without having serious support from the proletariat. This is precisely the situation in China. (Leon Trotsky)

There is a big problem on the political left in the UK at the moment, and this problem involves the lies and deception of the many groups, movements and parties that claim to be ‘Socialist’ and even ‘Communist’, when in fact that they are simply revisionist and servants of the Bourgeois State. What is the origin of this situation? The origin of this situation lies in the theoretical work of Leon Trotsky who was an integral part of the Bolshevik movement in the USSR, until his attempt to grab power from Stalin failed. He was all for the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ until he was unable to secure power in the Soviet Union, then he exhibited his true philosophical colours and reverted to type, namely that of asserting the bourgeois collaborating philosophy of the Menshevik movement he had supported prior to switching his allegiance to Lenin at the 11th hour, just before Lenin successfully led the Russian Revolution to power in 1917. In 1929, Trotsky was expelled from the USSR for un-Communistic behaviour and separatist tendencies. He came to the West where he began an immediate campaign in co-operating with the capitalist bourgeoisie, and attempting to dismantle, negate, and otherwise render null and void the third ‘Communist’ International (founded by Lenin in 1919 – calling for Communist Revolution in all countries around the world).

Trotsky’s approach was to collaborate with the capitalist establishment in every manner, whilst forming a bizarre and distorted world of anti-Socialist and anti-Communist Movements that masqueraded as both alternative and legitimate Socialist Movements to that developed in the USSR – a system that Trotsky helped to build by founding the Red Army. In 1921, Trotsky led that Red Army (without permission) and crushed a workers’ uprising in Kronstadt, killing hundreds of workers in the process. Reports suggest that both Lenin and Stalin were appalled at Trotsky’s decision and subsequent behaviour. Trotsky used the Soviet Red Army – that is the army of the workers – to attack and kill the very workers it supposedly represented and existed to protect. This single action serves to give a good measure of Trotsky as a man, as it reveals his thirst for power, his willingness to compromise Socialist and Communist principles, and his non-concern for the very workers he claimed to represent. He transplanted this irreverence for the workers to West when he took the bourgeois position. Trotsky’s Socialism is in fact a version of bourgeois liberal democracy that has nothing to do with Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, or Mao. Trotskyism is nothing but collaboration with the very bourgeois State that Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao strive to overthrow. Therefore Trotsky’s notion of ‘permanent revolution’ is nothing more than ‘permanent collaboration’ with the ruling class. Many contemporary Trotskyite Movements in the UK claim to be anti-racist and anti-fascist, but as can be seen from the above quote from Trotsky – Trotsky was a bourgeois racist. His misrepresentation and deliberate misinterpretation of the ‘Chinese Revolution’ give testimony to this fact, and serves as a virulent form of anti-Chinese racism that is very active today amongst the bourgeois left.

Marx taught that all Communists are Socialists, and that by definition, all Communists are Socialists. This is because the Scientific Socialism formulated through the work of Marx and Engels clarifies that when the Bourgeois State is finally over-thrown there will be a transitional stage into Socialism which precedes the final achievement of Communism. Trotsky and Trotskyites, whilst still claiming to be ‘Marxists’, actually refer to themselves as ‘Socialists’ but never as ‘Communists’. This is a rejection of the Scientific Socialism advocated by Marx and Engels. Therefore Trotsky and the Trotskyite Movements he inspired, represent bourgeois deviations from the Scientific Socialism of Marx and Engels. Trotsky and Trotskyite Movements therefore, are neither ‘Socialist’ nor ‘Communist’ in the Marxist, scientific sense. Trotsky is a bourgeois political theorist who advocated a form of ‘Utopian Socialism’ such as that found in Christianity and on the bourgeois left. Utopian Socialism works under the false premise that a bourgeois society can be reformed so that it becomes ‘fair’, but this ignores the very obvious fact that as long as capitalism exists, its perpetual search for profit ensures that bourgeois society – Socialist or otherwise, will always be unequal and therefore unjust. The anti-racism that Trotsky and Trotskyite Movements appear to pursue is really an attempt to ‘hijack’ the true anti-racist and anti-fascist movements inspired by the USSR and Lenin’s Communist International throughout the world. Trotskyite anti-racism is a bourgeois sham that has no real understanding of bourgeois racism, Eurocentricism, and political bias in the West. As Trotskyites are predominately ‘white’, their natural racial prejudices and misconceptions are aimed at what they believe to be the ‘fascist’ problem, unaware that what they themselves represent is a very virulent form of left-fascism, racism and discrimination. When Trotskyites appear to attack rightwing fascism, it is not a demonstration of true anti-racism on their part, but is rather a battle between Trotskyite left-fascism and Hitlerite right-fascism. This is why Trotsky and Trotskyite Movements – despite their political rhetoric to the contrary – are not anti-fascist nor anti-racist, but instead represent the very essence of dishonest and deceptive Eurocentric racism.

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